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Hopatcong Ambulance - June was the 2nd Highest Month (105 Calls)

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June was our second busiest month on record answering 106 calls and only missing the record by three.

Someone came up with the saying for March "in like a lion out like a lamb" but for June I think we need to make a a new saying "in like a rhino out like a velociraptor"

During the month we had 9 occurrences where multiple ambulances were needed at the same time. Our squad has answered 507 calls so far this year, traveled 12,244 miles, and spent 1,160 hours out on the road.

Our new members are really making a difference and we have 2 new ones getting ready to start. As you can see from our statistics we have plenty of opportunities to train you and get you involved in EMS and providing crucial emergency services to your community. So come on out and join! Just fill out an application by clicking the SIGN UP button or call 973-770-0440 with any questions.

Super proud of all of our members and all the hours they put in. Our community works as ONE team. Thank you to the Hopatcong Police Department, Hopatcong Fire Department, Hopatcong DPW and the Mayor and Council for always being there to support what we do. Be safe out there folks!

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