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You see Flashing Blue Lights in your Rear Mirror – What do you do?

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Every driver knows that flashing Police or Fire lights, means pull over and Yield the Right of Way. But what if you see a flashing Blue Lights in your rear mirror? What should you do?

Hopatcong Ambulance recently posted the following informative article:

We recently saw a post out on the internet from someone saying they saw a member rushing to the squad building and that they must have been later for dinner.

So, we wanted to set the record straight and address what a blue light means. Blue lights are used by volunteer EMS and Fire agencies to alert motorists they are responding to a call.

Remember that these volunteers do not keep ambulances or fire trucks at their house, so they need to respond to a central point to team up for a response to an emergency. When using the blue lights drivers need to drive with due regard to other motorists and obey traffic laws.

Motorists when seeing a blue light must PULL OVER and STOP when safe to allow these vehicles to pass. In both EMS and fire time is critical.

If you had a loved one suffering a heart attack or unconscious and unresponsive child you would want care to them as quickly as possible, right? Please keep that in mind when you see us coming up behind you. We do not and cannot use blue lights for any other purpose. It's the law.

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