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Mrs. Tumminelli’s class participates in a Wax Museum!

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On Friday, April 13th, Mrs. Tumminelli’s third grade class participated in a Wax Museum! The students had all chosen someone on whom to read a biography, and to do research.

They each wrote a report on that person. They also prepared individual facts and then created a costume to dress up like the person they wrote about. Parents, grandparents, and other family members attended a Biography Buffet on Friday afternoon, featuring the Wax Museum.

Students were stationed around the library dressed as famous characters including Rosa Parks, Babe Ruth, Jane Goodall, Leonardo DaVinci, and Annie Sullivan. The guests were able to walk around the “museum”, pushing each student’s ON button in order to hear different facts about each character.

After the Wax Museum, students and guests enjoyed a buffet of snacks and goodies while they viewed a video of Google Slides made by the students as well. Each student created one slide showcasing some important facts or interesting information about the person they chose, and Mrs. Tumminelli compiled them into one slide show.

There were approximately 30 guests in attendance at the Biography Buffet and Wax Museum. The students did a fantastic job and much was learned by all!

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