HHS NJ Future Educators Association works with Passaic County Technical Institute

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“Being a part of the New Jersey Future Educators Association allows aspiring teachers such as ourselves to experience different academic settings and teaching styles that will further our knowledge of the educational approaches of various school atmospheres” - Heather Sutton, Hopatcong High School NJFEA President

Perhaps the greatest advantage of being a part of the New Jersey Future Educators Association is the exciting opportunities offered outside of the daily high school setting. In addition to the functioning classes and activities at the district level, these include myriad conferences with other state chapters at a variety of universities. Another opportunity that sparked the interest of us, the Hopatcong High School Future Educators Association, was the opportunity to take part in an urban/suburban school exchange program.

As the HHS FEA we had the opportunity to spend a day at The Passaic County Technical Institute as part of the urban/suburban exchange on February 13, 2018. The event was sponsored and supported by the NJFEA and Mr. Larry Fieber, State Director of the Association. We were given the chance to see what an average school day is like in an environment vastly different from our own. Those differing factors included not only location but school population and academic pathways as well. Observing and in turn, understanding the ins and outs of other school systems, helps students further themselves in the classroom and beyond. As touring students, we were able to observe the different school settings while the gracious students of PCTI orchestrated the tour and exhibited tremendous pride in showcasing their school and Future Educators program.

Small student groups of Hopatcong students and Passaic County Tech students set out on an expedition of the school together, giving the PCTI students an opportunity to highlight their school, favorite classes and the FEA. After the school tour, we got an exclusive, in-depth experience of the child development program, which is coupled with their school’s NJFEA program. As part of this, the students were also able to observe a lesson that a PCTI student planned and taught to nearby preschool students. Finally, a social luncheon was provided in the fully functioning, student-run restaurant within the culinary school. The event was truly an amazing experience. The Hopatcong students enjoyed their time with the PCTI students and are looking forward to having them at Hopatcong High School to complete the exchange.

Heather Sutton, President

Charlotte Whritenour, Secretary

Hopatcong High School

Future Educators Association

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