Hopatcong Community Bans together to Block BOE Outsourcing for Now

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During Monday’s meeting of the Board of Education (BOE), tensions were running high with the proposed arguments of outsourcing in the areas of the Custodial Staff and the Day Plus program.

The BOE Meeting:

The Hopatcong Community was well represented throughout the meeting with over 25 residents that stood up to support the current program(s) and to ask that the Board of Education not make any changes.

After each speaker, the crowd and more importantly the BOE applauded the stories of how current employees go out of their way to watch out for students within the community. Most residents that spoke felt that out-sourcing of these jobs would give way to the following issues:

  • Employees outside of Hopatcong would not have a vested interest in the community and the kids
  • Removal of jobs and wages from within Hopatcong would hurt the Community
  • Possible exposure to employee vetting processes that do not meet the criteria of Hopatcong Standards

At the start of the meeting, the Day Plus program was already taken off the agenda, as the proposed provider backed out of the possible program.

At the end of the meeting, the Hopatcong BOE tabled the decision(s) at this time, but post interviews seemed to indicate that if these programs continue to be a cost-burden on the taxpayers, the BOE will be forced to make changes to the current program(s), or continue with the outsourcing efforts.

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