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Around the World in a Differentiated Classroom: Combining Google Forms and Google My Maps

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Administrators and Educators may feel that Google My Maps only has a place in the Humanities department and in many cases that may be true.

Around the WorldHowever, Mr. Jensen and Mr. Schiavone showcased how to incorporate Google My Maps into the math and chemistry departments at the 2018 NJASA Technology Conference on January 26th in Atlantic City. They taught the audience how to use points of interest to increase student understanding as well as how to incorporate a differentiated Google Form with Google My Map to check for student understanding. G-suite offers a variety of tools that allow educators to engage students while differentiating instruction.

By utilizing Google My Maps, as well as Google Forms in a lesson, students are able to investigate and explore the world while receiving personalized instruction. The presentation was a sample lesson that demonstrated in which ways students can use points of interest on Google My Maps to increase their knowledge of chemistry. In addition, the presentation emphasized the ways students can navigate through a Google Form as well as how they are directed to a pathway that is differentiated and tailored to their learning needs.

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