Hopatcong Police and EMS Explorers Team Together

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Knowledge is power! Whether you are a seasoned EMT or learning how to respond to a 911 call for the constant first-time training keeps you sharp with your skills.

This past weekend the Hopatcong Police and EMS Explorers got together to do some cross training on some of the equipment used on the ambulances. Both the Police and Ambulance Squad work together as a team on calls and cross-training keeps us all ready to better serve our community in someone's time of need.

Police & EMS Team Together for Cross-Training

If you have a young adult interested in the EMS Explorer program, you can send us a message at explorers@hopatcongems.org or an interest in the Police Explorer program reach out to Officer Janosko at the Hopatcong Police Department.


More about EMS Explorers:

Are you a teenager that is trying to find what you would like to do in life? Are you a parent of this teen? Have an interest in the Emergency Services fields, but don't know which one you would like: Police, Fire, or Ambulance? Are you between the ages of 14 and 21 years old? Well, we offer you an opportunity that can help you answer this question. 

The Explorers (also known as Exploring) is a program that introduces area youth to the vocation of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). The Hopatcong Ambulance Squad volunteer personnel are advisors to this program and train the Explorers in EMS safety, procedures, drills, and provide situations in which to learn. Our Explorers are given the opportunity to train in a similar fashion to the volunteer squad members. This training not only assists the community, but it also builds teamwork and leadership skills. 

The post is a youth-led organization. The youth officers are elected, and activities are planned and implemented based on the resources of the organization, adult advisors, parents, and consultants. Each Explorer starts the post on a six-month probation period. This period is a chance for the new youth to learn about the Post. It gives them a grace period for this learning with no expectations placed upon them except attendance. 

Contact: explorers@hopatcongems.org


More about Hopatcong Police Explorers:

The Hopatcong Explorer post has been in existence since November of 2005. The Explorers have come a long way, and I am proud of their dedication and the efforts of the Officers of the Hopatcong Police Department who help-out with this. We have had some that did not make the application process.  We had had some leave when they realized that this was not the career for them.  But that is what this program is all about.  Why have someone go to the military or college, take test after test to get onto a Police Department, finally make it to the Police Academy and find out that it isn't for him or her.  Without wasting much time and money, this program gives the Explorer the opportunity to learn the field of Law Enforcement, decide if that is the path he/she wants to take and at the same time learn and have fun. The Hopatcong Police Explorer Post is run by Officer Edward Janosko.  He may be reached at (973) 398-5000.

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