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Hopatcong Mayor looking for feedback on making an ice skating rink in Hopatcong

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Mayor Michael Frances is looking for input and suggestions for putting an ice skating rink somewhere in the Borough.

The proposed idea would be like the one that was behind Company 2 Firehouse. The idea of an ice skating rink is to provide a safer place than trying to skate on Lake Hopatcong and hoping the ice is safe enough.

The purpose of the rink would be limited to ice skating, and is not targeted as a hockey rink. It would also not be of professional grade, but rather a liner filled with water that would allow skating when the weather is cold enough.

Mayor looking for your Input on the following challenges:

  • How to keep the ice smooth?
  • Ideal location for the Rink?
  • Who can help maintain the water level?

If anyone has knowledge of implementing one of these rinks in the past, or knows of any towns that have one, or has VALUABLE input, please contact the mayor directly by e-mail.

Mayor Michael Francis


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