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Hopatcong Skate Park – Under Repairs again from Vandals

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With the permission from Mayor Francis and Borough Administrator Ron Tappan the Hopatcong D.P.W. is scheduled to work on the damaged skate park in the upcoming weeks. We are hoping to have this open when the work is complete.


It was assumed we could open it in the spring. However, it was found that those who use the park would also use it in the winter. That is, as long as it was not icy. If that is the case, why wait until spring to open it!

The park was once again closed because someone is suspected to have smashed holes in the ramps. The ramps are very expensive. They take time for the manufacture to build. And while the Hopatcong D.P.W. fixed the eight-foot ramps, then found the ten-foot ramps also needed repairs. Hopatcong was not able to keep the park open knowing the ramps were a hazard.

According to Hopatcong Police, Capt. Kmetz “The skate park can be good for the youth of Hopatcong who rather skate then join an organized sport. There should be no negative stigma attached to that. The challenge is to keep it protected from those who wish to damage it. This must start with those who use it.”

“As I continually state on our Police Facebook page, you are the eyes and ears for your Police Department. This holds true to the youth of our town as well. You must watch for those who are not at the skate park to skate. You can walk away and call us anonymously if need be. We will respond and enforce all rules of the park. (And there are many).

I can tell you that I foresee the park being leveled if it turns into nothing but a problem for Hopatcong. I spearheaded getting the park reopened after our officers had to kick out good kids who were going into the park to skate while it was closed. That makes the Police look bad to our youth. We do not want that. I asked that it be fixed or leveled. The Mayor and Borough Administrator wish to give it one more try.” 

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