The Miracle that happened… The Inside Story – How two Hero’s saved a boy from Drowning!

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On July 3, 2017 two Hopatcong First Respondors saved the life of Nicholas who had been underwater for over 6+ minutes in Lake Hopatcong.

It all started on July 3, 2017, as both Alex and Andrea Rodriguez were at the Crescent Cove Beach Club in Hopatcong, enjoying some time off with their family. When all of the sudden an alert went out from the beach, “MY CHILD IS MISSING.”

MagicBoth Alex and Andrea started coming in from the outer slide area, when Alex a firefighter with Northwood Company 2, found Nicholas underwater and brought him to shore, he was already in a blue and purple condition with no pulse.

At this point his wife Andrea, who has been trained in CPR, but never had to use it in the past, went to work and conducted CPR for over 10 minutes. While his condition only had minor improvements that didn’t stop Andrea from continued CPR, as she was only fueled by her determination of saving the life of Nicholas.

If Andrea had not continued the CPR before Nicholas was sent to Morristown Memorial Hospital, he most likely would not have survived. After arriving at Morristown Memorial Hospital, emergency workers in the ER, still had little hope in Nicholas ‘s overall survival at that point.

At Morristown Memorial Hospital, he was induced into a medical coma, where Nicholas did beat the odds, thanks most likely to the fast EMS treatment he had at the beach. The attending ER doctor, stated “I now believe in miracles because of you Nicholas!”

In asking Alex if he felt like a hero, “I don’t see it has a hero, my only thought during this time was seeing that Nicholas got through this successfully.”

Hero’s Recognition:





Recognition for these two Hero’s occurred on Thursday, August 3, 2017 both Alex and Andrea were recognized thanks to the efforts of Councilwomen Marie Galate from Hopatcong, who stated “All of the stars and moons were in the perfect place to make this a wondrous story thanks to Alex and Andrea Rodriguez. The chances that you bring someone back that isn’t breathing is slim to none. But I personally attended a picnic with Nicholas, and to see him run around and play like nothing happened is a true Miracle”.


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