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Durban Avenue Students are Learning Through the Arts!

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Students at Durban Avenue School are getting an amazing learning experience thanks to a $100,000 grant from the NJDOE.   

The money from the grant was put to good use at Durban Avenue School with the development of the  S + M (ART) = S2  Program, (Student Motivation through the Arts/ Reasoning and Technology for Sustainable Success) and the construction of an arts integration studio which will be able to be sustained and enjoyed by all for years to come.  

Students began their learning experience by having several visitations by performing artists.  First, accomplished actor Anthony Aibel led our students and staff to feel free as they acted out their emotions as well as guide them to successfully perform these feelings through improvisation.

Jason Yudoff was the second visitor and he is a professional voice over actor. During his visit, the students learned how to articulate when they are trying to communicate a message.  He also helped the students explore their own voice acting abilities.

Quentin Fielding is a composer and an actor.  He spent the afternoon with our students motivating and helping them learn how to set achievable goals.  He also gave the students ideas on how to add music to their own arts integration projects.

The last visitor was Janel Morrissey.  Janel came to Durban Avenue School to motivate our students to use their “whole body” to move to the beat!  Not only was she inspirational, but she provided the students with a great opportunity to feel the benefits of how dance can help with finding inner peace by letting go of daily demands through expressing movement in personal ways. Students had a great time during the more physically active session of the activity but also benefited from the closing activity of self-reflection and meditation.

The S + M (ART) = S2  Program at Durban has been a rewarding opportunity for students and staff.  Currently, students are working in groups to film infomercials which will reflect both writing and geometry skills. Content area teachers and art teachers are working and planning lessons together so that students get the best of both worlds, academics and the arts.  Students also enjoyed a trip to NYC to see  the musical performance of  “School of Rock”.   Hopatcong will celebrate by having a Red Carpet Premier for parents where student’s final videos will be shared.   A huge thank you to the Department of Education for providing the funding for this grant. It has been an incredible experience for all involved.  

Please find a link to our website by either visiting the Durban Avenue or district website or just go directly to the site by clicking this link https://sites.google.com/hopatcongschools.org/durbanmotivatesthroughthearts/home

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