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Carole's Wine Cellars - The most Unique Bar - in the Battle of the Bars

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In our continuing stories of the Bars that participated in the Battle of the Bars, we found Carole's Wine Cellars II, offers a unique set-up as it sets in the middle of a liquor store.

It seems that this unusual layout is based upon Hopatcong’s requirements from the mid-1900’s that required a Liquor Store to have a bar. Carole's Wine Cellars worked within those requirements, and the patrons really love the idea!

Carole's Wine Cellars Bar Level is at standard seat level, which is lower than most, and the large local crowd that visits the bar, stated “It’s like you’re setting at the family table with your best friends.”

This is why the patrons voted for this bar, compared it to the Cheers, as a place where everyone knows your name as you walk in!

The Liquor Store portion of the Bar is highly competitive and features the personalized ability to help you search for and to find those items you cannot find anywhere else. The owner will work with you personally to find what you’re looking for and to place the order with the required deposit.

What else sets the bar apart is the “Family” nature of the patrons, as they work together as almost a co-op team to help construct, fix and repair any issues a fellow bar members may have, as everyone helps everyone else.

Another big difference to this bar is their ability to sell Lottery Tickets, which means that starting in July they will be the areas exclusive “Quick Draw” outlet where every five minutes they select a winner, which is similar to Keno in Las Vegas.

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