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Help Nick Silva - 12-year-old Hopatcong student with Sudden Blindness

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This article is posted to help communicate the difficulties that Nickolas Silva is undergoing, with a request to help his parents fund their 100% monitoring of his care. Thanks to Christine Delurski for alerting us to this cause.

Written by his Brother Oscar:

Hi, my names Oscar and I want to talk about my little brother, Nicholas. He has always looked up to me and I am always there to help him, no matter what. He has never done anything bad to anyone in fact he always wants to help everyone with their problems and homework.

NickThis year recently he began to lose his sight, hearing, and motivation because of unknown reasons. The doctors don’t understand this has happened. They have done blood tests, multiple types of MRI's, CT-Scans and spinal fluid tap. He’s had multiple doctors, surgeons and therapists examine him.

He had major brain surgery the other day because he has too much fluid in his brain. And he is currently still in intensive care hooked up to a bunch of machines that won’t allow him to move. He sits in the hospital bed all day not able to see so he can’t watch TV or play with tablets or anything at all. On top of the head injuries and brain surgeries, they've also found viruses and other infections throughout his optical nerves and nasal cavities.

My parents are unable to work because they need to be at the hospital day in and day out to make sure something doesn’t happen to him and because they are extremely worried about him. The school is worried as well and they want to see him do well, and he is now missing out on almost a month.

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