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Durban Avenue School – NED Show & they pay it forward!

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On February 15, 2017, Durban Avenue School had the NED show visit to present a character education based assembly. NED is a yo-yo expert cartoon character who inspires students to become champions in school and in life.


The acronym, NED, stands for "Never give up, Do your best, and encourage others." The NED show has a pay it forward program where the school holds a fundraiser for five days after the assembly. The yo-yos for sale come with a positive NED message on each and every one.


Paying it Forward:

The proceeds from Durban Avenue's fundraiser were passed on to another school so that they could also hold an assembly free of charge. Students at Durban Avenue raised $1,005 in yo-yo sales which went directly back to the NED Show!



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