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Sabretti’s benefits the entire Lake Community!

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Both Hopatcong’s and Jefferson’s Mayors were among the dignitaries at Sabretti’s Hotdogs & Wild Game Sausages on Sunday as the owner, Rohan H. Shetty contributed over $1,400 across six different Lake Community Charities.

What led to this charitable event is the “David and Goliath do battle in Hopatcong that took place between this small business owner and an approximately $800 Billion dollar credit card processing global corporation. With the assistance of the reporting by News 12, and receiving the reimbursement, Rohan was able to give back to the communities in which he resides and does business in.  

“I was taken advantage of by a large corporation, and for my settlement, what I would like to do is to give back to our community.”

Giving Back to the Community

  • $300.00 to Jefferson Township Recreation Department
    $300.00 to Jefferson Township Recreation Department

    Grace Rhinesmith, Director of Recreation for Jefferson Township. “The Jefferson Recreation Community handles quite a few activities for Jefferson Township like the dial-a-ride and Sports programs, this money will be put to good use.

  • $300.00 to Hopatcong Recreation Department
    $300.00 to Hopatcong Recreation Department

    Mayor Michael Francis, Hopatcong Borough, “Thank you Rohan, your generosity is most appreciated as it helps support the programs like Easter Egg Hunt we held today.

  • $200.00 to Jefferson Township Animal Pound
    $200.00 to Jefferson Township Animal Pound

    Mayor Felter, Jefferson Township,  “We appreciate your donation, the Jefferson Animal Shelter works in conjunction with Mount Arlington in taking in strays and handling rescues, and we could always use money to help out.”

  • $200.00 to Hopatcong Animal Pound Project
    $200.00 to Hopatcong Animal Pound Project

    President Wendy Ciardi and Vice President Ed Van Orden of the Hopatcong Pound Project accept the donation stating “The Hopatcong Pound Project also covers Sparta and Stanhope, we are a 501(c) and we help keep all of the towns No-Kill.

  • $200.00 to Jefferson Township Senior Center
    $200.00 to Jefferson Township Senior Center

    Mayor Felter, Jefferson Township,  “Thank You, our Senior Center is very busy and we’ll make sure that this money is put to good use.”

  • $200.00 to Hopatcong Senior Center
    $200.00 to Hopatcong Senior Center

    Mayor Michael Francis, Hopatcong Borough, “The Hopatcong Senior Center is the largest in Sussex County with great participation from the Seniors, and we can always use additional funding.”

Special thanks for everyone who took time to attend the Check Ceremony (see the video), and Mr. Shetty would also like to thank Dave Cambiotti of Cambiotti's Tomato Pie Café for catering the event, and Scones and Truffles by Ruth for creating the special treat gift boxes.

Follow-up: On the Free Hotdogs that helped find the SABRETTI’S TOP DOG:

As previously reported on Saturday, April 1st,  2017, Sabretti’s Hotdogs and Wild Game Sausages gave away hundreds of free Hot Dogs, and  as part of the give-away, people were encouraged to vote for their favorite (the Hopatcong Dog or the Jefferson Dog). The Jefferson Dog won with 57% of the votes, and now will be named Sabretti’s Top Hot Dog! 

For further information, visit: https://www.facebook.com/sabrettis.hotdogs




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