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Hopatcong Egg Hunt – The Easter Bunny brings over 6,000 eggs to the delight of the kids

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The Hopatcong Recreation Department spent tireless hours putting together one of the best run egg hunts the Easter Bunny has ever attended.

Spearheaded by Cathy Millian and the tireless team of Hopatcong volunteers, the egg hunt started with the division of candy hungry kids into four different groups.

Coverage of the Hopatcong Easter Egg Hunt:

  • Croud at Hopatcong Easter 2017The first group, was kids age one or less, where the parents seems to be doing most of the strategic planning on the line placement, the basket and overall navigation of the kids, which were not always sure what has happening.
  • Second, were the age group pf kids age’s two to three, where the kids know what was happening, and helped maneuver the parents into the right strategic positions.
  • Third, were the kids age’s four – six where they left the parents in the dust as they vied for the strategic positioning and the ability to reach the egg field first. While the instructions were not to run, as they had over 6,000 eggs for everyone, this group seemed to move rather fast in their pursuit of what the Easter Bunny left behind.
  • Finally, we had the older kids, which were moved to a different field of eggs, as everyone understood that anything goes with this age group regardless of the rules.

Smart Move by the Hopatcong Recreation Department

Just in case the 6,000 eggs were not enough, they had extras stored aside for any kid that didn’t get their rightful share. This meant that afterwards, there were only happy smiles across both the parents and the children faces as they lined up for juice, cookies and a picture with the Easter Bunny.

Lastly, Hopatcong Mayor Francis was on hand to help mediate any egg ownership disputes and to oversee the overall Easter Bunny protection squad.

Overall, great community event that surpassed everyone’s expectations!

Hopatcong Mayor Easter 2017

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