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Hopatcong “All Shook Up” Amazes the Audience – Rated 5 Stars!

Hopatcong News
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After people have seen this Slice of Broadway on the Hopatcong High School stage, the words they have used to describe the performance are: It gets an A+ rating, this receives 5 Stars. I found it Cute, Funny and made me howl with laughter!

Hopatcong Lake Regional News had the opportunity to interview several people, regarding their impression of seeing the "All Shook Up" performance. Some where first timers in seeing a High School Play, and others were seasoned veterans of both Broadway and High School performances.

The one comment everyone had in common, “This was outstanding!”

The person who summed it up best was Candice Smith, who attended the Opening Night performance, which was surprisingly over 80% filled as it was a school night.

“I was amazed on the turnout on Opening Night since this was a school night. The audience was very engaged throughout the performance, they were laughing, clapping and singing along to the Elvis music.“

“What struck me most about the performance was that the actors were very much in character, the wardrobe was great, and most importantly the actors owned the stage throughout their performance. My favorite parts where the romantic scenes, when the lights do down low, the spotlight hits the couple and they just engage the audience with their characters, story and acting.”

“As first a parent, and second as a School Board Member, I’m overly proud on what was accomplished on the stage during this performance. Hopatcong doesn’t have the greatest technology to put on a Broadway level show, but with the heart and passion of first the Teachers and the Kids who were treated as professionals throughout, their hardwork really shined during this performance.”

“This just shows you the heart and passion of Hopatcong, when we have collaboration across all areas of Directing, Music, Stage, Technical and the Drama Club we can really shine. I believe this all starts with the teachers who lead this group and the focus that they have placed on helping the kids reach their ultimate goals."

Credit Where Credit is due:

Major (local) Stars producing Broadway Quality:

  • Devin Bellotti as Chad the Roustabout
  • Heather Sutton as Natalie
  • Tyler Turnage as Dennis
  • Cameron Dinulos as Sylvia
  • Kelly Nee as Lorraine
  • Dominic Solimando as Dean
  • Michael Umholtz as Jim Haller
  • Abby Dekker as Miss Sandra
  • Rhiannon Bender as Mayor Matilda
  • Kevin Gartley as Sheriff Earl

Behind the Scenes Talent:.

  • Producer and Director: Joe Ross
  • Lighting and Sound: Nicole Schwarz & Anthony
  • Chorus: Barbara Fersch
  • Technical Director: Mr. Michael Batche
  • Choreographer of Dance: Pat Wagner
  • Assistant Director and Choreographer of Stage Movement: Christina Ross
  • Dance Captain: Abby Dekker
  • Pit Band Conductor: Kurt Zimmermann

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