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Thanks to everyone that picked up their FREE HOTDOG on Saturday!

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No April Fools! The owner of Sabretti’s Hotdogs and Wild Game Sausages is giving away one free hotdog to everyone that stops into the store on Saturday. Here is the FREE dog choice Hopatcong Dog or the Jefferson Dog.

Here is how Mr. Shetty is allocating his Settlement:

  • $300.00 to Hopatcong Recreation Department
  • $300.00 to Jefferson Township Recreation Department
  • $200.00 to Hopatcong Animal Pound
  • $200.00 to Jefferson Township Animal Pound
  • $200.00 to Hopatcong Senior Center
  • $200.00 to Jefferson Township Senior Center

If you followed the Story of David & Goliath as reported by Channel 12 News, Rohan is going National with his story and needs to distinguish which is his flagship dog to promote during the series, so after selecting your dog, please make sure you vote on-line to help make his final decision.

Rohan stated, “I’m in the process of receiving the settlement from First Data Global, and I want to use the money to give back to the community. So, NO APRIL FOOLS, stop in and select your free hot today only.

Your choice of a Free Hotdog: Limit one per customer

Hopatcong Dog - Cropped 300.jpg Jefferson Dog - Cropped 300.jpg

Hopatcong DogTM

Jefferson Township DogTM

  • 100% All Beef Natural Casing Hot Dog
  • On a Fresh Warm Anthony & Sons Bun
  • Choice of Texas Style Mild Beef or Spicy Wild Boar Chili
  • 100% All Beef Natural Casing Hot Dog
  • On a Fresh Warm Anthony & Sons Bun
  • Offensive Fresh Sliced Garlic
  • Topped with Spicy Brown Mustard, Sauerkraut and Fresh Cracked Pepper

Sabretti’s Hotdogs and Wild Game Sausage

22 Lakeside Blvd, Hopatcong, NJ 07843


Hours: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM (our until we are sold out)

Additional Parking in the Back.


Today’s Wild Game Special

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