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Support the Hopatcong Pound Project non-profit by voting to help with $500+ Donation

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As you are reading this story, you can easily help support Hopatcong Pound Project, by following the link below and voting to make sure they receive at least a $500 donation from “The Puorro Dream.”

The Hopatcong Pound Project brings people together with a common bond and voice for our misplaced animals in our community. The project creates a successful environment and has changed the stigma a "pound animal" used to carry. Going forward we ensure through community involvement that we will maintain the quality of care for the animals in our community.

You can vote for the “Hopatcong Pound Project” at https://www.facebook.com/thepuorrodream/

Just scroll down to the Facebook listing and add “Hopatcong Pound Project” as you vote. Please share this with everyone you know as the voting lasts throughout March!

In addition to votes, if anyone wants to donate so they can get some very much needed storage space, please donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/hopatcong-pound-shed

More about the Hopatcong Pound Project:

We are a hired Vendor for the Municipal Pound , Borough of Hopatcong, this project is there to care for all and every animal ...(..lost, abandoned, owner's pass and many other circumstances )

 We provide a Humane place for the Senior, unadoptable or animals needing longer to ready for adoption in the Project building right next door to the Municipal Pound.  We have had over 300 successful adoptions of animals from our town, all of which are intake at Municipal pound.

Goal: The old Pound building is over 50 years old...we need to do a Facelift:

  1. Chainlink replacement for 5 indoor/outdoor Dog runs  ( Using existing cemented posts )
  2. Power wash and seal floors for sanitary conditions
  3. A new sink is needed
  4. Paint
  5. Possible replacement of 5 windows
  6. Replacing Furnace ( have one 2 years old donated )  need new outdoor oil tank as it it severely rusted
  7. An outdoor shed is needed for storage of cages and carriers and traps

Hopatcong Pound Project, Inc.

Established October 21, 2011

A New Jersey Non Profit 501c3

Wendy Ciardi , President

Edward Vanorden , V.P.

  • Recognized by Wells Fargo Community Giving award
  • helped in Qualifying Hopatcong for Bronze in " Sustainable New Jersey "
  • Was part of the Hudson Farm Charity Hike 2016

"Widening our community circle to embrace all living creatures."

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