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One motorist learns - Don’t leave your car running and unlocked!

Hopatcong News
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So, you’re running into the store quickly, and you leave the motor running and the car unlocked, what can happen in just two minutes - Right?

The following is from the Hopatcong Police, which describes a real incent that just happened on March 9th.

Patrols were called to the Dunkin Donuts for a theft. A person left their vehicle unlocked and running. There were a few people that were acting suspicious while in the store. When the victim went to his vehicle he noticed his cell phone missing and other items. He described the people to patrols who found them walking across the street in the Rite Aid parking lot. After an investigation two were arrested as follows:

  • Caleb Bryson age 20 of Byram Bay Road Hopatcong. He was charged with possession of stolen property for having the stolen phone in his backpack. He also possessed an Apple Watch of which he could not say who it belonged to . If anyone is missing an Apple Watch please contact us. Bryson was released on a summons after his PSA score was not high enough to lodge him on this 3rd degree crime.
  • Kasey Salgado age 20 LKA: 3 Woods Lane Great Meadows NJ. She was found with Xanax bars, Gift cards with the victim’s name on them and a handful of business cards from the victim. She was charged with Burglary, Theft and Possession of CDS. All were 3rd degree crimes. She was lodged in the Sussex County Jail until a hearing .

 We see a lot of people leave their vehicles unlocked and running as the "just run into the store". Don’t do that anymore.

 Also, that is smart to put your name on the back of gift cards. I never knew to do that. We learn something new every day.

 Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

 (These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)

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