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Roxbury Board of Education Wrap-Up from September 18th

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The Roxbury Board of Education held its September Board of Education meeting on Monday, September 18th in the Lincoln/Roosevelt Auditorium.

Staff members and the public had a chance to hear Superintendent Loretta Radulic provide an overview and some specifics as to this year’s District Goals for 2017/2018. Radulic briefly described how the Board arrives at these goals through a board retreat and then how the goals are shared with the administrative team and staff for implementation and rollout.

The four district goal categories, for the most part, remained the same as last year, which were 1.) Student Achievement/Professional Development, 2.) Facilities/Finance & Safety/Security, 3.) Culture & Climate/Community, and 4.) Roxbury Reimagined. The action plans under each goal though were updated with activities, staff responsible, timelines, and evaluation criteria.

Some highlights from each goal include:

  • Goal 1 – Development of building leadership with professional development plans and innovative stipends. Implementation of AP Capstone at Roxbury High School and the FOSS program for Grades K-2. Technology infused instruction and encouraging success for all students using a Student Achievement Task Force.
  • Goal 2 – Continue to expand the sustainability initiatives through increased participation in the Sustainable Jersey for Schools program and to continue efforts to upgrade security in all the buildings.
  • Goal 3 – Continue communications at board meetings and with the community while maintaining visible support at the schools through collaborative processes.
  • Goal 4 – Establish goals and timelines for Pathways while developing a facilities plan within budget for this purpose.

Radulic’s PowerPoint presentation with the overview and action plans can be found at www.roxbury.org/districtgoals.

In addition to Superintendent Radulic’s presentation, the Board provided an update in regards to committee reports and approved numerous resolutions under Finance, Education, Policies, Personnel, and Negotiations.

Highlights from each section are:

-          Finance – The Board approved 58 travel requests for staff to participate in continuing education workshops and programs in the coming months along with change orders to summer building projects.

-          Education – The Board approved the Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB) Reports and the Electronic Violence and Vandalism, Substance Abuse (EVVRS) Reports submitted to the Department of Education for the second half of the 2016/2017 school year. In addition, approval was given for 19 educational field trips for students and five senior option projects.

-          Policies – The Board approved seven policies and regulations having to do with animals on school property, attendance, tardiness, overtime compensation, lesson plans and plan books, service animals, and therapy dogs.

-          Personnel – The Board accepted the resignations of five individuals and wished them the best. The board approved and welcomed numerous appointments for staff along with transfers, leave replacements, stipends for staff development, and salary adjustments for transportation due to a settled contract.

-          Negotiations – The Board approved the Memorandum of Agreement between the Roxbury Board of Education and the Roxbury Administrators’ Association.

To view all the resolutions from Monday night’s meeting along with past approved minutes, please visit https://www.roxbury.org/domain/43.

The next Board of Education meeting will be Monday, October 16, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. in the Lincoln/Roosevelt Auditorium. This meeting is open to the public.

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