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Roxbury Fire Department holds 100th Anniversary Parade with 1917 Model-T leading the way

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On Saturday August 20, 2017, the Roxbury Fire Department celebrated its 100th Anniversary that included all Fire Departments within 60 miles. It seems like the Parade Stretched for miles.

This entire parade was driven by Roxbury Fireman Tommy Bilancia, who worked on the event for almost one-year.

Immediately following the parade was an open house/block party at the fire house, which is a free event for everyone with food entertainment and activities for all...

The other big unveiling on Saturday was the first fire truck which is a 1917 Ford model T chemical fire engine, which was restored for display for this event.

About Roxbury Fire Company #1:

On June 19, 1917, the Township of Roxbury approved the formation of the Roxbury Chemical Fire Engine Company and the town’s first fire department was established. Without an official building, the “firehouse” was located on Main Street at the home of Dr. Plume.

Dr. Plume housed the department’s brand new, 1917 Model-T Ford Chemical Engine in his garage and the department answered their first call one week later. It was not until 1933 that the official firehouse was built by the 26 volunteer members of Company 1.

We are an all-volunteer organization of approximately 80 members.  We range in ages from cadets (16 year olds) to those who have served over 50 years and everything in-between.  Some perform fire suppression and rescue in the fire department; others are first-responders or EMTs who perform EMS duties; some in the department perform both functions.

UPDATE: Roxbury fire is accepting a limited number of applications to our junior program for those who are 16 and 17, but for fire only; EMS still has a full quota. Thank you to everyone who have shown an interest in joining.

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