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12th Annual WIFFLE Ball Tournament - It’s a great day, for a great cause!

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As Brian Feeney stated during our interview – "It’s a great day, for a great cause!" During PBA Local 311’s 12th annual Wiffle Ball Tournament they were working to support 7-yr old Hayden Marshall, diagnosed with Metastatic Ewing Sarcoma.


This is the 12th year for this event, which was initially started for Penny the wife of a local officer, whose had Brain Cancer. Each year this community event selects a different recipient, such as 7-yr old Hayden Marshall, who has cancer that spread though his lungs.

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This year they have over 30 teams playing on Saturday with an entrance fee of $125 per team. Over the last 11 years they have been able to raise $146,000 for the charities that they supported.

Fuddruckers supported the event by donating the lunches. In addition, each team got received their own shirts as part of the sponsorship.

The WIFFLE Ball Tournament featured both a Kids and Adult Division, where there was Double Elimination until there a final winner. The contest also featured locally donated Door Prizes that were part of a raffle.

WIFFLE Ball – Very different from Baseball

In the game of WIFFLE Ball you have no base runners, but rather you score base hits by the distance in which you hit the ball. You can have singles, doubles, triples and home runs. According to the players we spoke with at this event, it’s all about the pitching, if you have a good pitcher, the other team is not going to get any hits.

The pitching backstop features a cutout of the strike zone, which helps take the umpire out of the picture, as if the ball goes through the strike zone, it is a strike.

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