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Lake Hopatcong Battle against the Weeds Update

Lake Information
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As we enter into the heavy 2017 boating season for Lake Hopatcong, we find that the lake level is higher than past years, which means that weed growth at this point has not been as bad in past years. But everyone around the lake knows this is only a problem that is waiting to surface.


What Lake Hopatcong Foundation is doing:

The Weeds

HydrorakingAs announced earler year, starting on March 15, 2017, the LHF will start a pilot project using Hydro-Raking, which uses a backhoe type of arm that is mounted on a barge. This process takes up to 8” of muck off the bottom of the lake, including the plant life. The two targeted areas for the pilot are the Landing Channel and possibly Crescent Cove. LHF will be funding the entire cost of the pilot, which amounts to $44,000.

“Lake Hopatcong is much too complex to use just Hydro-Raking, so we will also be experimenting with the use of Herbicides in some areas, which we will be comparing to the normal Weed Harvesting. The LHF will work with groups and Homeowners that already use Herbicides, so we will not be incurring any costs in this area. Instead, we are funding the study from Princeton Hydro, which is $20,000.” Reported Marty and Donna.

The outcome of the study will be a document that is targeted to the Homeowners, so they can understand the different types of methods that can be used, and the Pros and Cons of each of them.

“Eventually, what I think we are going to see Long-Term is several different solutions that we will develop into a comprehensive plan on what works in different areas of the lake.” Stated Marty.

See our article: Is dredging the solution for Lake Hopatcong weeds?

Hopatcong State Park Weed Harvesting Program 2017

The Lake Hopatcong Region once again gets ready to battle our weeds for the 2017 season, Below is the Weed Harvest Schedule as posted on the NJDEP Department of Parks and Forestry’s Hopatcong State Park page:

Initial article posted on June 15, 2017 by Holly Odgers LHF

The following is our intended weed cutting plan.

Phase 1:  June 19, 2017 through July 14, 2017
The harvesters will get on the lake to begin training new seasonal employees on the weed harvesting machines.
The lake weeds will be harvested in all coves between Hopatcong State Park and the Northern side of Bertram’s Island; to include Clam Bake Cove, Point Pleasant, King Cove, and Ingram’s Cove.  An additional harvester will be cutting in Crescent Cove and River Styx to help open waterways.

Dates for the next two phases of the program will be posted as we get close to the end of a phase.

Phase 2:
The weeds will be cut in the following areas: the shoreline in the area near Lee’s County Park, Great Cove, Davis Point, Nolan’s Point, Brady Bridge area, Woodport, around Halsey Island and Raccoon Island.

Phase 3:
The weeds will be harvested in Byram Bay, Byram Cove, Point Breeze, and Henderson Cove.

If you have any questions regarding the Weed Harvesting Program on Lake Hopatcong, please call 973-398-7010.  

Note: The annual weed harvest is run by the State of New Jersey through the Department of Environmental Protection at Hopatcong State Park. The Lake Hopatcong Foundation does NOT run the weed harvest. Questions about the weed harvest can be directed to Hopatcong State Park at 973-398-7010



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