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New Jersey’s Candidate for Governor Steven Rogers – Visits & Pledges Support for Our Lake Community!

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Steven Rogers our next potential Governor for the State of New Jersey, visited the our Lake Region on Saturday and held his Meet & Greet at Sabretti’s Hot Dogs & Wild Game Sausages.  During his visit he vowed to invest in the most beautiful lake in the State and to support the Lake, Community, Businesses and Residents in the future.

In an exclusive interview with the Hopatcong Lake Regional News, Governor hopeful Steven Rogers shared with us that he has spent his life in community service, serving in the U.S. Air Force, as Detective Lieutenant in the Police Force, Lt. Commander Intelligence in the FBI National Joint Terrorism Task Force and as current Director of Public Affairs in Nutley, NJ. 

“As a career law enforcement and military officer, I have always spent my life serving the people. Now you have a choice to elect Steven Rogers as your next Governor of the State of New Jersey, instead of electing a career politician, you can select a Public Servant.” Stated Steven Rogers

“Career Politicians have promised so much to so many people, and delivered only to special interests in our State.”

Support for the Lake Hopatcong area:

“Your lake is the most beautiful in the State of New Jersey, we’ve got to spend more money as the State of New Jersey to make sure is lake is a destination point. When you invest, you make sure that the lake is clean and that you have the funding necessary for the community and businesses, this will be a great asset for the community and for the State of New Jersey. “

“That’s why I’m out here meeting the people and I’m learning a lot. And as Governor, that’s why I’ll make sure that you get the funding, which is a necessity in order to make sure that this area is a destination for the State of New Jersey. “

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Saturday’s Meet & Greet in the Community:

Steven RogersSteven Rogers visited a few businesses in our community two weeks ago, then selected Sabretti's located on 22 Lakeside Blvd. as his Meet and Greet location based upon his strong support for local community based businesses and the unique style of food offer. “They serve the best hotdog’s I’ve ever had in the state or surrounding states for that matter."

Owner of Sabretti’s, Rohan Shetty stated, “I’m not too involved in politics as most may know, however, Mr. Rogers and his team loves our food, our model and what we do for our community, that being said, it was an honor to have him pick my business for his meet and greet.” 

During his visit, his political team live steamed the entire “Meet and Greet” event, Steven Rogers reached out and met with residents, where he openly shared his views, directions, and answered questions regarding what he would bring to the state of New Jersey as our potential Governor.

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