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HBO, PBS feature the Ringling-North circus coming to Jefferson Township

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Kelly Miller Circus coming to Jefferson Township fills void left by Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey. John Ringling North II, was born into the most famous of the circus families. He is trending online, on HBO and on PBS specials and he owns the Kelly Miller Circus.

John Ringling North II is dedicated to filling the void left by the closing of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, he will lead his circus through Ohio into Pennsylvania and on to Maryland - and that is just in the next few days. In all the Kelly Miller Circus will travel more than 10,000 miles to 18 states presenting live arts and entertainment to rural America from Oklahoma and Missouri to Massachusetts and New Jersey and back again.

Jefferson Mayor presenting "Key to the City" to great nephew of the famous Ringling brothers

Thursday, June 22, 2017 at the 4:30 PM performance of Kelly Miller Circus. Mayor Russell W. Felter presents John Ringling North II, great nephew of the famous Ringling brothers, with the "key to the city" when his circus comes to Jefferson. Jefferson was home to Alfred T. Ringling, one of the famous Ringling brothers, and his original 1916 mansion still stands to this day and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

And the world is watching.

HBO’s Emmy-nominated Vice News Tonight aired a documentary-style report this week about Ringling-North noting that the end of the giant circus isn’t the end of the road for the circus. The Vice crew met Ringling-North on the road in Ohio. Millions of viewers watched as Ringling-North called himself lucky to own the Kelly Miller Circus.

The report can be seen on the web at https://news.vice.com A Ringling Bros Relative is Keeping the American Circus Alive.

Aired on PBS, OETA, RFD-TV, local cable stations, and in Europe on the Global Broadcasting Network, Oklahoma Horizon met the circus on the road near its winter home in Hugo, Okla. Millions more watched as Ringling-North joked that when the Kelly Miller Circus went up for sale in 2006 he thought about it a full 20 minutes before deciding to buy it.

The story can be watched online at oklahomahorizon.com. The Kelly Miller Circus is 2017 show #1719 Under the Big Top.

The two TV shows remind viewers of centuries-old history of the circus and the historical impact made by the 79 year-old Kelly Miller Circus. The show Ringling-North produced for this year is a tribute to his family, the founding of the Ringling Bros. Circus in 1884 and the future of the circus.

Whether it is on HBO’s Vice presenting a “unique perspective to events shaping the future” or on Oklahoma Horizons that focuses worldwide on those who contribute to “economic success and quality of life” or ringside at his circus Ringling-North knows without a doubt that the show must go on, elephants and all.

Go to kellymillercircus.com to see the show schedule, the local nonprofit groups the circus helps and more.

About the Kelly Miller Circus

The Kelly Miller Circus has entertained millions of American and Canadian citizens establishing itself in the historical fabric of the American Tented Circus. It has been honored as America’s 2nd largest Big Top show and “America’s “One Ring Wonder.” Owned by John Ringling North II, he maintains high standards in all aspects from the grounds to the highest point of the Big Top. Those high standards, world-class entertainment and contributing to the economy in each community in which it performs, the Kelly Miller Circus is welcomed back year after year. The Kelly Miller Circus will celebrate its 80th year in 2018.


About John Ringling North II

John Ringling“Keeping the past, performing today and exploring the future” is more than a catchphrase for John Ringling North II. He lives the motto as a direct descendant of the famous Ringling Brothers who were his great uncles and his grandmother, their only sister. Born into this most famous of circus families, John grew up on the “Greatest Show on Earth” and learned circus operation from his father Henry Ringling North, and Uncle John Ringling North. His purchase of the Kelly Miller Circus 10 years ago was celebrated by circus critics. Ringling-North is dedicated to making the circus appealing to all ages while honoring the nation’s 300 plus years of circus history.


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