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Starz Oil & Hopatcong Police exhibit great compassion for the community

Hopatcong News
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The following is just another example of what makes this Region so great, as we have the community bonding together to help those in need. While this event occurred in Hopatcong, you find the same type of occurrences across our region in Jefferson, Mount Arlington and Roxbury.

(Below report altered by Capt. Kmetz Hopatcong Police for the release to the press)

"I would like to publicly thank Jessica from Starz Oil for her concern of an elderly woman, Officer Lotito who responded and did his best to get the oil burner running again, Officer Fullman who assisted and especially the "friend" of Officer Lotito who took his own time at no charge to help this 76-year-old resident get heat working in her home. It is awesome to read a report where people come together to help someone."

The Event:

Dispatch advised me that we just received a phone call from a person who works for Starz Oil named Jessica. Jessica was concerned that the elderly homeowner, (redacted) who lives at (redacted) has no heat. The temperature is going to drop tonight.

I was also told by dispatch that (redacted) called for an oil delivery but then asked if she could pay for it on Friday when her SS check clears. Jessica told (redacted) she could not do that, so they scheduled the delivery for Friday. Jessica went and checked the account and verified that (redacted) should still have oil in her tank. She thinks the boiler is not working.

Ptl. Fullman and I responded to (redacted). I explained to her why we were there. I asked her if I could check her oil tank and boiler. (Redacted) invited us into the house. She led me to the oil tank and boiler in the basement.

(Redacted) had a half tank of oil and the boiler looked pretty new. She told me the boiler was replaced within the last year and a half. I checked the pressure gauge and the temperature gauge. They were in normal range. (Redacted) told me she thinks the thermostat was not working. I asked her to show me the thermostat. I turned it all the way up to 80 degrees. I waited for the boiler to kick on but it never did.

(Redacted) had the thermostat set at 61 degrees and it was somewhat warm in the house. I knew the boiler was not turning on and was concerned about the temperature at 2 or 3 in the morning. I explained to (Redacted) that I was going to call the person she spoke with at Starz earlier and see if they could help her out.

I came back to the station and I contacted Jessica. She told me she was concerned for the safety of (redacted) and did not know who else to call. I asked if Starz oil had technicians to fix boilers. She told me no. They just recommend technicians to their customers.

She told me she was going to call her boss and see what she could do to assist (redacted). I asked her to call me back either way so I knew if they were able to make the repair or not.

I contacted a friend who fixes boilers. I explained to him what I saw at the house. I tried to have him diagnose what was wrong with it. He said there was no way to diagnosed it over the phone. He stated that he would stop at the house and check the boiler.

I went back to the house and explained to (redacted) that a friend of mine was going to come and look at her boiler. I explained to her it would not cost her any money but asked her to watch for him. He would be at the house in about 15 minutes.

A little while later I was told the boiler was fixed and that the zone valve was sticking. (Redacted’s) boiler was running okay. The house was being heated again. No further problems.

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