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New Business: Valor Training provides the solution in all areas of Dog & Owner Training

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If your dog is misbehaving, difficult to handle, or just a young puppy that needs training.  Then you’re in luck as Antony Puglise launched Valor Training LLC, which leverages his 12 years’ of professional dog training experience to help you and your dog have an enjoyable life together.

Following this childhood dream, Antony opened Valor Training LLC this spring and is already helping both Dogs and Owners throughout the Lake Hopatcong Region. “I studied under Oscar Rojas of ProDog Academy, one of the best in the business, so regardless of your needs, I can provide everything from general obedience and behavior modification to training dogs for personal protection and tracking.”

“I’ve learned that every dog has its own personality, that’s why I always start out with a free evaluation so I can watch the dog and owner in action. That way I can understand the level of training that is necessary. I always custom tailor my training to fit both the dog and the owner.”

“Many times it’s the handler that needs the training, the dog already has the instinct, but the owner doesn’t always know how to bring these talents out of the dog. My goal is to make your dog the best it can be for you. I can find the potential in your dog, and bring it out, and now you have an enjoyable dog.”

Training Process:

  1. It all starts with a Free Evaluation: Where I observe the Dog and the Handler, and the interaction between the two to further understand the issues
  2. Then I create a custom series of training sessions that involve both the dog and the owner, as sometimes it’s just the owner inexperience that is causing the problem



  • Basic: Everything is on a leash. 

Come, Heel, Sit, Down.  Having a controlled dog is needed when out in public.  Food or toy is used depending on the type of drive your dog has.

When finished, your dog attention will always be focused on the owner, when you stop the dog stops and automatically sits, and will obey all of the basic commands listed above.



This can be handled anywhere. From pulling on the leash to chewing your newspaper.  We work together and find the solution.

  • Advanced

Here is where we step it up and drop the leash. After some time and hard training, you can throw the ball and have the confidence to know your dog will come back.  Everything is done in motion.  All commands can be done from a distance.


Obedience and Protection work go hand and hand.  Training a Protection dog is a serious and strenuous task.  Not all dogs can handle the requirements while other dogs can excel.  Obedience plays a major role in protection work.  Everything is on a leash until you and your dog can advance to off-leash protection work.  You should NEVER have to worry about a home invasion, carjacking or even taking money out of the ATM again. Every training session is customized to fit the type of protection needed.  


  • Foot step tracking

This is a more competitive way to follow the scent.  More time and patience is required by the handler.  Here you will learn to make a scent pad and be taught how to lay a track.  Once your dog can follow the scent, articles will be introduced as well as corners and distractions.  $70 per 1hr session

  • Tracking through drive

This way is less strenuous on your dog.  It’s a specialized way of playing hide and seek.  This style of tracking is a way to teach your dog how to find someone missing.

Contact Information:

Contact Antony Puglise for your free evaluation:


Valor Training, LLC

27 Skidmore Trail

Hopatcong NJ 07843








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