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Hudson Maxim starts Coding in Kindergarten!

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Hudson Maxim received a set of Dash and Dot robots from Wonder Workshop in the middle of September, 2017. They were purchased through the district’s STEM budget.

Miss Rowbotham’s class prepared for the robots by talking about bucket filling, growth mindset, perseverance, responsibility, and engineering. The kids started off by using the robots to make sounds, play a xylophone, launch plastic balls into cups, and drive through mazes.

But Dash and Dot can do even MORE! One might think coding is just for adults in the technology world, but these kids would prove you wrong!

The picture above show the students learning about coding first, without the iPads – “coding unplugged”. The kids used their bodies to practice following a code created by their partner. They used direction and position vocabulary and acted out the verbs in the code.

The students have already brainstormed tasks that they want Dash and Dot to complete now that they are starting to create codes and algorithms, including: sweep the floor, make a trap, play hide and seek, and get through a maze by code. Keep an eye out for more news about kindergarteners and first graders using coding, math, technology, and engineering in the classroom!

Meet Dash

DashDash is a real robot, charged and ready to play out of the box. Responding to voice, navigating objects, dancing, and singing, Dash is the robot you always dreamed of having. Use Wonder, Blockly, and other apps to create new behaviors for Dash — doing more with robotics than ever possible. No books or camps needed!

Meet Dot

Dot is a clever little robot with multiple sensors and a quirky personality that powers the Do-It-Yourself projects in the new Dot Creativity Kit. Kids will learn about robotics and develop fundamental coding and problem-solving skills while having fun. Dot’s projects range from crafting and active play to storytelling and construction.

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