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Hopatcong Scam - Not a Scam! Just a misunderstanding!

Hopatcong News
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We live in paranoid times, where you can never be too careful, and that’s how an innocent encounter turned into a Warning of a Scam.

In Speaking to Diane Clemens (Aunt and Stepsister) and Sande Dreyer (Grandmother and Stepmother) for the two girls, stated. “It all started with both girls playing basketball in Modick Park under the watchful eye of my husband. Since one of the girls lived in the house just 5-years ago, they asked permission to knock on the door to reminisce on where she had lived.

Sande's husband gave them permission, and watched from the driveway as the girls knocked on the door. What happened afterwards is a little different than the police report, but according to Sande Dreyer the girls were invited in. After a brief look around they left, as the Sande's husband complimented the home owner on the improvements they had made to the yard. <<<End of Story>>>

Coming back to the world that we live in currently, it’s understandable that after further consideration by the homeowner on what had just happened, maybe they should they be alarmed and let the police department know, which is how this misunderstanding occured.

Lucky, in this case it was just a misunderstanding! No Scam!

Initial Report from Hopatcong Police:

Below is a popular scam. Someone will distract you while another person is stealing your stuff. Usually it is someone trying to get you outside of you home by showing you what is wrong with your chimney or home. Then the other party goes inside and steals your valuables. the use of young girls in this situation is not normally what we see. Very peculiar.

August 6, 2017 Shawnee Road: (Redacted) called to report a suspicious incident at her home today. At approximately 14:30 hrs today she heard a knock on her front door. When she answered the door, there were two young girls approximately 13-14 years old. They started small talk with her and told her that they used to live in the house. One girl was described as a white female with blond hair. Her hair was in a pony tail and at the tip of her pony tail the hair was died blue. She asked if she could come inside which (redacted told them no. (Redacted's) boyfriend, who was sleeping, woke to them talking and yelled out, asking who was at the door. As she was telling him what was going on, the two girls just walked inside.

(Redacted) told them repeatedly to get out and they finally did; But not after looking in every room. She said that she really didn't think much of the incident while it was going on. Just as they were walking out, she noticed in the corner of her eye that an older male, wearing a ball cap and t-shirt, who had no teeth, was in her back yard looking at her shed. She asked them all to leave.

The second girl seemed younger. She is described as a white female with blonde hair also.

They got into a Chrysler Sebring convertible, color beige, with a handicap plaque in the window.

fter thinking about what happened and talking with friends and neighbors, (Redacted) was concerned that they were looking around her house and were going to return to rob her of her items.

(Report altered for press release. Capt. Kmetz)

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