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Hopatcong Police bust Underage Drinking Party on Harris Ave.

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For the second time in a week Hopatcong Police had to break-up a large party with underage drinking.

 DATE/TIME: August 3, 2017 12:23 am

 LOCATION: 8 Harris Ave

 OFFICER INVESTIGATING: Sgt. Bianculli, Ptl. Kern

 NAME OF ACCUSED: Desmond Harris-Lugo

 ADDRESS OF ACCUSED: 8 Harris Ave Hopatcong



 CHARGES: Serving alcohol to minors, making property managed by him available for the consumption of alcohol to minors, giving false information to a law enfrocement officer


 ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officers responded to a report of a large party at 8 Harris Ave. (Last weekend there was a party there were approximately 100 people were parked all over the road. Lugo did not know most of them. Two people had their car window smashed by one of these drunk party goers). On this call, when the officers arrived, they found about 75 young adults drinking alcoholic beverages on the property. Inside the house they found Lugo. He was arrested for serving alcohol to minors. When asked if there were any other family members in the home he told the officer's no. A juvenile family member was in the home. She was also arrested for providing alcohol to minors. It was unknown where the mother or father of Lugo were. A 26-year old sister arrived and took over the home after police made sure everyone left.

 Residents on Harris Ave, please contact us if you see groups of people heading to this house or many cars parked on your roadway. Actually, that goes for all residents. Because of social media, small parties can turn into hundreds of people showing up. Call us right away so we can end the parties before people become victims.

 Press release by Capt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

 (These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)

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