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Hopatcong Bicyclist Disregards Stop Sign - Gets Struck by A Vehicle

Hopatcong News
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Hopatcong Police reported that today at 4:49 PM a bicyclist ran a stop sign at Durban Ave and Tulsa Trail and was struck by a motor vehicle. Father advises he is banged up - but doing okay.

Today a 15- year old was riding his bicycle on Tulsa Trail. He was crossing Durban Ave at a high rate of speed. He was struck by a vehicle that was traveling on Durban Ave. The bicyclist flew from his bike and landed on the grass at 322 Durban Ave.

Another motorist who witnessed the accident, offered aid to the bicyclist until. Hopatcong Police, EMS and Medics arrived. The teen was taken to Morristown Hospital.

The teen was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accicent.

Capt. Kmetz from the Hopatcong Police Stated: “It is so important that we as parents make our children wear helmets. At the time of this posting his father advised me he is "banged up" but is doing okay.”

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