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First Responders – Provide a Fairy Tale Ending to what could have been very tragic ending

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It all started on July 3, 2017 as Nicholas was enjoying Lake Hopatcong at the Crescent Cove Beach Club. During this visit, it only took matter of seconds for Nicholas’ mother to discovered her son was missing.

MagicFortunately, a few of the Hopatcong Fire Department first responders were at the beach club and responded immediately. After a desperate search, Nicolas was rescued from the bottom of the lake and carried ashore. Where they performed CPR until the police and EMT could help air lift him to Morristown Medical Center.

The HFD responders administered CPR until the Hopatcong Police/EMT arrived. The Police /EMT transported Nicholas to Squire Field where he was Medevacked to Morristown Medical Center. Nicholas was placed in a medically induced coma for 3-4 days while under close medical care.

For four days, Nicholas was in a medically induced coma.

Thanks to close medical care, Nicholas is not only awaking and breathing on his own, but able to travel home.

In True Fashion of Hopatcong:

Little Nicholas was given a firetruck Welcome Home as he was released from the hospital yesterday. Special thanks to Hawthorne and Haledon Fire Department for the assist.

Nicholas’ family and I would like to thank HFD first responders, Alex Rodriquez, John O’Connell and Tom Brown, along with Andrea Polke-Rodriguez and the Hopatcong Police/EMT responders for their extraordinary assistance. Hopatcong’s fire department is hopeful that Nicolas will make a full recovery and attend our annual HFD picnic on July 15th with his family.

Thanks to Hopatcong Fire Department and God Bless Nicholas

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