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Let the Battles Begin!

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The Hopatcong Education Association sponsored Durban Avenue School’s first annual school-wide “Battle of the Books” on Friday, June 16th.  Fourth graders battled first, followed by the 5th grade later that afternoon. 

The purpose of the Battle of the Books is to promote literacy and a love of reading, to promote a spirit of academic competition and good sportsmanship, and to encourage critical thinking skills amongst our students.  As part of the PRIDE grant, parents, members of the community, and administration were invited to cheer on contestants as they answered an array of questions regarding each book.  Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks was read by the entire 4th grade student body, while the 5th grade student-body was quizzed on George Washington’s Socks by Elvira Woodruff.  The students and staff worked together to create all questions used during the battle.  Buzzers in hand, each grade answered more than 70 questions regarding their assigned book.

After a fun day of friendly competition, only one team from each grade could claim to be the winner of their battle.  Mrs. Forbes’ fourth grade class and Mrs. Fialcowitz’s fifth grade class were announced at the end of the day.  Congratulations to ALL who participated for a job well done!

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