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Gary Beaugrand joins Hopatcong Ambulance, and fulfills lifelong dream to help People and the Community!

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Gary Beaugrand, is a lifetime resident of Hopatcong and a graduate of Hopatcong High School, who after graduating he has always dreamed of helping people and serving the Community. “For me, I just want to make a difference, it’s all about the people, and helping people – I just feel like it’s just the right thing to do!”

Gary looked at his different options to fulfill his dream, and then by chance during the Block Party of 2016 came across the Hopatcong Ambulance Squad, where after reviewing the program with Captain, “I was hooked, as this was the team I wanted to join! This was the way I can help both the people and the community at the same time!”

CPR TrainingIn May 2016, Gary started on this new adventure, where the Hopatcong Ambulance helped him gain the necessary CPR Training, and then mentored him each step of the way through weekly and on the job training programs. “While the training is endless, his has been a phenomenal experience for me as I learn more-and-more each day. The Hopatcong Ambulance team, which works as a close-knit family, has always been there to help me, and each other out regardless of the situation.”

Gary Beaugrand, within the last year has gone Above-and-Beyond on his service, with over 100 calls in just over a year. Gary attributes this to his desire to succeed. “During this short period of time, I’ve seen so many rewarding things where we have saved multiple life’s, and even helped people trapped in the ice come to safety. I highly recommended this career to anyone who wants to make a difference to the people and the community.”

HopatcongPicking your online time is easy, “The scheduling system we use is by the phone, which makes it easy to select our shifts, and to understand when we need to be dispatched. Therefore, it makes it easy for me to select my different shifts, and to really understand when I may be dispatched.”

When asked “why should you volunteer,”Gary clearly stated, “It’s your chance to make a difference, and to help people – it’s just the right thing to do!” “This means the world to me, this is something I love, and something I will always do!”

If you are thinking about volunteering for the Hopatcong Ambulance come on down and fill out an application. This will be fun, we’ll help you get the training and you can be part of this close family.

In closing, Gary Beaugrand would like to give special thanks to:

  • Captain Henry Sardina the 3rd

  • President Rob Auer

  • Rita Russomanno EMT

  • Veronica Defranza EMT

  • Gabi Nelson EMT

  • Charles Defranza Driver

  • And the entire Hopatcong Ambulance Squad


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