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2016 Reader Choice Awards

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As Hopatcong Lake Regional News passes the 8,000 active readers mark, we’d like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year, and present you with the five most-read articles on the site for 2016.

Judging from the top most read articles, we can easily say that our readers love to have fun and enjoy the local community events!

Jefferson Township Day for 2016

This must-attend event in Jefferson was read by over 5,000 unique readers who followed the recap of the event.

If you have not attended in the past years, put this on your calendar for 2017 as they know how to throw a party!


Lake Hopatcong Bar Crawl 2016 – Is a very serious event

Once again showing that we are a fun loving bunch, this article came in second.

This event started at Mason Street Pub and crossed all communities as they hit the eight bars.

It is our understanding that we still have a few people that are missing. Hopefully, they will show up for the 2017 event.


Mount Arlington Police Chief becomes President of Police Association

Next on the list is the well-deserved appointment of Mount Arlington Police Chief Keith Licata to President of Morris County Police Chiefs Association.

The Mount Arlington Borough may be small, but they shine in everything they do!

Interesting to note that quite a few of our articles in 2016 focused on the community outreach from our police departments, and the positive impact in has on our communities.


Jefferson Township Kids stalk the Police Officers - To gain valuable Police Trading Cards

Again back to Jefferson, and to something that’s fun for the community.

In this case, the JWC and Jefferson Police coordinated a Police Training Card program, where the kids did truly stalk the Officers to collect all of the cards.


Mount Arlington Halloween Bash – was a huge Smash!

Finally, we’re back to the little Borough with a big heart.

During this Halloween Bash in Mount Arlington, the residents went above and beyond in their trunk decorations that would easily compete with any big city Halloween presentation.


Those are the top five for 2016! The Hopatcong Lake Regional News team looks forward to serving you in 2017, as we bring you, even more, fun, exciting events and news you need to know.

We are proud to be the premier source of your on-line lake community information!

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