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Two local churches give the community a Very Special Thanksgiving!

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Local church members of Hurdtown UMC and Byram Bay Christian Church give up their Thanksgiving family meal, to help provide special meals to the community.

The Hopatcong Lake Regional News team had the opportunity to stop by both churches to interview the teams behind this big event and to understand the effort that goes on behind the scenes. We conducted the interviews at least 60 minutes before the start the event to make sure we didn’t interfere with the delivery of the all-important dinner.


Hurdtown Church:

Thanksgiving DinnerAs we talked to this team, we found that their work starts several months in advance across the different church members to understand who is providing the different elements of the dinner, namely the turkeys needed. Based upon this distributed donations our News Team was honored to be present as a Turkey wrapped in bacon was dropped off for the upcoming feast just 30 minutes before the event started. Wow!

To provide the meal, they started the night before and worked several hours into the night to set-up and to get ready for the dinner. The work starting again early on Thanksgiving day to get everything ready. They expressed that this isn’t about people in need, as we have food baskets that goes out more to people. This is more about the community and people that would like to join together in a dinner of calibration of the date.

Byram Bay Christian Church

Byram Bay ChurchThis is the ninth year that Byram Bay Christian Church has sponsored this Thanksgiving dinner event, and with their experience, the team interviewed has this down to a science. While they start early on Thanksgiving morning, they still have everything ready by 12:00 PM for that all-important dinner.

According to the pastor of the church, Rev. Ken Adams, we work together with the churches in this area to provide these community events that are important to the community. After the dinner, I plan on speaking about President Obama, who pardoned two turkeys yesterday. We all need to that we have been pardoned as well.

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