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Local Police Departments report overwhelming support from the community

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Following the events is Dallas TX the Police Departments within the Hopatcong Lake Region are overwhelming support for the resident of their community.

Roxbury Township Police Department

Roxbury PoliceDirectly from the Roxbury Township Police Facebook page: It has been 5 days since the shooting in Dallas. The amount of support we have seen from the community is overwhelming. We cannot thank you enough for the bottles of water, cups of coffee, lunches, dinners, the emails, Facebook messages, the smiles, the handshakes and most importantly the reassurance that you support us. Thank you Roxbury, we are blessed to work in such an incredible town.

Big "Thank You" to Shane, Tripp, Rory, Sloane and Emma for stopping by to visit us and to let us know they support us.

To their parents: Thank you for being great role models.

We also wanted to thank Helen Brady for all the baked goods, she is our #1 fan.

Also huge thank you to the Lennon Family, Kreel Family and Chance Family for your kind gestures. We said it yesterday and we’ll say it again, we are lucky men and women to work in such a great town.


Mount Arlington Police Department

Mount Arlington PoliceDirectly from the Mount Arlington Police Facebook page: The Mount Arlington Police Department would like thank our residents, as well as the other gracious people who have come through town, who have taken the time to express their support of our officers. The outpouring of support has been tremendous, from kind words to cooking meals for our officers on duty. Words can't express our appreciation for all the kind gestures. Thank you to all Mount Arlington residents for allowing us to serve a wonderful community!


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