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Hopatcong Block Party - A little rain cannot slow down this major event

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On May 7th, 2016 the Hopatcong Block Party got underway right at 10:00 AM, and while we had a little light rain, all of the vendors were present, and overall mood with light-hearted as we joked about ducks somewhere that were enjoying the weather.

This major event on Lake Hopatcong is enjoyed by everyone, and the light rain early in the day had no effect on the crowd as we moved from booth to booth to see what everyone had to offer. Regardless of what you were looking for... Wood Furniture, Food or the different organizations that help make this area great this event had something for everyone. I believe I counted over 70 different vendors, which makes this one of the most major events on the lake.

As no surprise to anyone who has attended this event in the past, it was well run with helpful volunteers who helped guide everyone to where they could park, to how to find that one vendor you wanted to visit.

We look forward to the final report from Lake Hopatcong Foundation (LHF) due on Wednesday May, 11 2016 that will tell us just how successful this event was for the foundation.

Congratulations LHF... Job well done!


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