Planet Networks is coming to Lake Hopatcong in 2021 – What You Need to Know – What Should You Do!

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During the July 1, 2020, Hopatcong Council Meeting a representative of Planet Networks provided an overview of the Services targeted to all of the lake regions like Jefferson and Hopatcong, outlining the services that they would be bringing to both Jefferson and Hopatcong through the Adopted Ordinances to allow them to do business in town.

PalentNetwork 2021        PresentationFACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW:

Planet Networks is a 100% INTERNET Steaming Services, without channels, extra services, and equipment rental fees. But the good news is that it will provide SIGNIFICANT competition to Optimum, who currently has a lock on our community and our prices. Watch the Video Presentation.


Before we get into why you might choose one service over another we suggest that you should Complete the survey at:

This brief survey with Planet Networks, lets them know you are interested. No Cost. No Obligations. Just helps them gauge interest and allows Optimum to know they have competition coming.


Type of Service:

Optimum (Based on my Service Package)

Planet Network

Type of Network

Cable with Repeaters every few miles

100% Fiber Network

Cable TV Shows

Multiple Packages / Premium Channels



Available with Package ~ $10.00


Network Speed

·         200

Requires Cable & Phone Package @ $245


·         300

This speed not available Optimum


·         400

Requires Cable & Phone Package @ $265


·         1Gig

1 Gig: Requires Cable & Phone Package @ $285



Note: The following is from a current user of Optimum, and they would only offer Package Pricing with Internet Speed Pricings.

While the above is an Apples to Oranges comparison since we are not able a single out channels in the current package, if I discontinued my Optimum account, (400 Network) I could save about $150.00 a month by switching.

The Choice is Different for Different People:

SO… Are you a Streamer -or- Channel Watcher?

Channel Watcher:

Channeler WatcherThe answer to this question is the most important part of your decision, Planet Networks comes with NO channels currently, so if you have your favorite channels for example 3, 6, 7, and 12, you may need to stay with Cable, or shop for another internet channel provider (Fees normally apply ~ $7.99). To have the channels Optimum currently pays for each channel they carry, hence the big price difference. But if you look online, there are other local channels steaming services for about $7.99 Mo.

TIP: Before making the final change look very closely at what you watch, which channels you’ll miss (TV 12), and research the different possible alternatives to maintain your TV watching habits.

StreamerIf you Steam Everything:

If you do not even remember what network TV is, or when you last watched a regular TV channel … REJOICE. This is something that when installed could bring you very large monthly savings, even when you add the extra costs of the Streaming Channels like Netflix.

TIP: Before making the final change make sure your whole house is ready to start Streaming. Which means no 7:00 AM news unless you are streaming it directly from their internet site.

Bottom Line:

With Planet Network moving into the area and thier data showing that 50% the population just streams, is could create create a real competition for Optimum.

Please Complete the Survey: Regardless of you’re a Channel Watcher or someone who enjoys Steaming, we should all sign up for the new network survey to let them know we are interested.

Complete the survey at:

More about Planet Networks:

Now you can pay for your network resources as a monthly service with no upfront costs. Planet provides a fully managed solution including all equipment utilizing the latest technology to reliably deliver the fastest speeds available with the management of all moves/adds/changes, 24x7 monitoring, high-speed campus WiFi coverage, high-speed 10/40/100G backbone links, and continuous software and hardware upgrades as technology evolves. You will always have the latest technology to support your business needs for a budget-friendly flat monthly fee. The speeds of the connections we deliver to our customers are typically faster than our competitors' network backbone speeds. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

So far, we have high-speed fiber Internet service available in Andover, Byram, Denville, Franklin, Hampton, Lafayette, Montville, Newton, and Sparta. We are not on every street yet, but we are working on it every single day. It takes lots of money and lots of time. We are coming!


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