Local Author – Helps us find the True Meaning of Valentine's Day

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Local author Candice Smith from Hopatcong shares with us the history and helps us find the true meaning of Valentine's Day outside of all the commercialization.

Candice is the author of three books: Christmas Candi: A Guide to Year-round Holiday Bliss, The Man Behind the Beard, and her latest, Drafting the Culinary Circuits

Valentines 2020 In1Valentine's Day is on Friday, February 14th. It’s nearly impossible not to notice as stores have been decorated and selling merchandise for this day since the day after Christmas.

Florists, confectioners, and jewelers are waiting to sell lovers a token of affection to give their significant others. And, of course, card stores and the United States Post Office are gearing up for the holiday as Valentine's Day remains America's second-most-popular card-sending holiday, behind Christmas.

Several people sighed while reading. This beautiful holiday has lost its meaning for many.

Contrary to pessimistic belief, it is NOT a Hallmark-made-up holiday. It is steeped in rich history and is a lovely day to tell those you love, you LOVE them.

Valentines 2020 In2Since the time of the ancient Romans, a mid-February celebration was observed. In addition, there was really a Christian bishop name Valentine who wed young Roman couples at a time when Emperor Claudius II had outlawed marriage. Claudius II found out and had Valentine jailed and sentenced to death.

Valentine was himself in love with a woman and, from his jail cell, penned love letters to her signed, “From your Valentine”. Although Valentine was put to death, his story has stood the test of time and with it a legacy of declaring one’s love unabashedly.

Valentine’s Day is NOT just a romantic holiday, but a day to tell ALL of those you love you do so. So, send a Valentine to a parent, a sibling, a dear friend, your crush, your spouse, your child's teacher who he/she loves, and anyone and everyone else.

There is far too much unkindness in this world. The news is full of BAD news. Let's turn the tide - let's spread LOVE!

Make a card, buy a card, pick up a bouquet of flowers, a heart-shaped box of chocolates, yes, a piece of jewelry, or simply tell everyone you know "Happy Valentine's Day"! It can be as simple or elaborate as you care to be or have the means to be. No stress, just LOVE.

My parents have been married 57 years on this Valentine's Day, the day they ELOPED.

Valentines 2020 In3Valentine's Day has been celebrated in my home since I was a child and my children know the joys of a wondrous Valentine's Season (Yes, SEASON) and a fun-filled, love-filled Valentine's Day.

Order your heart-shaped pizzas from Frank’s Pizza in Hopatcong. Take the time to profess your love this February 14th like Valentine did. Take every opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day with love and passion.

I implore you, spread the LOVE this Valentine's Day and you'll get it back tenfold.

Candice Smith is from Hopatcong and is the author of three books: Christmas Candi: A Guide to Year-round Holiday Bliss, The Man Behind the Beard, and her latest, Drafting the Culinary Circuits She is a Board of Education trustee, runs the library at the Stanhope Valley Road School, is a Girl Scout leader, wife of her high school sweetheart Ryan Smith, and mother to three wonderful children who attend Hopatcong Borough Schools.

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