Early Indicators: Shop Local is helping to Boost Businesses – Keep the Drive Going!

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Local Businesses that have been off by 50% or more due to the Lake Hopatcong Conditions are reporting that your effects to Shop Local over the last month are starting to work.

Participating Shop Local businesses reported last week an increase of 10 – 15% due to the initiative that is incenting residents to stay local when shopping, boating, eating out, and attending special events. This is taking some of the bite out of being down by 50% or more.

Please Keep the Drive Going!

If you would like your business to become part of Shop Local contact editor@mylakenews.com.

Shop Local Offers as of 08/11/2018: (Click & Print)00 HR

Bagel Mikes 500px 2

Bagel on the Hill 500px

Bridge Marina2 500px

BroadwayFreshGrill 1 500px

BroadwayFreshGrill 2 500px

BroadwayFreshGrill 3 500px

Cambiotti 1 500px

Cambiotti 2 500px

Cambiotti 3 500px

Cambiotti 4 500px

Cambiotti 5 500px

Cambiotti 6 500px

Cambiotti 7 500px

Cambiotti 8 500px

Dows Boat Rental 500px

Little Nicki 1 500px

Little Nicki 2 500px

Little Nicki 3 500px

Grotto 1 500px

Grotto 2 500px

Grotto 3 500px

Grotto 4 500px

HopatcongDinerCoupon1 500x

HopatcongDinerCoupon2 500px

HopatcongDinerCoupon3 500px

HopatcongDinerCoupon4 500px

Jefferson Farmers Market 500px

JerseyGirlCheese 500x

Jersey Girl Operation Market Garden 500px 8 18

Jesse and Sons 500px

Lakes End Marina Coupon 500x

Live the Lake NJ 500 px

 More Life Nutrition 1 500px

More Life Nutrition 2 500px

More Life Nutrition 3 500px

Sals Pizza 500px

The Golden Pineapple 500px 2

The Lake House 500px

00 HR

How to Join Shop Local: If you are a business within the Hopatcong, Jefferson, Mount Arlington or Roxbury areas contact editor@mylakenews.com or 973-288-1865 to join Shop Local free of charge.

How to Use Shop Local: Just Print or have a copy of the Coupon on your Cell Phone to show when purchasing from local businesses.

How to Get your Shop Local Picture Online: When every you purchase from a Shop Local Businesses take your picture and send it to #ILoveLH #LHShopLocal or email to editor@mylakenews.com.

History of Shop Local: The annual Shop Local event started by the Lake Hopatcong Foundation (LHF) is designed to help increase sales into local businesses through increased participation by local residents. This year due to overwhelming tasks at the LHF, Hopatcong Lake Regional News is implementing this critical initiative for 2019.


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