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If you have ever been confused by an Acronym that you find on Online, this list will help both the expects and the Newbies as it contains the top 5,000 things you may run across.  This list is up to date as of 2018, but always watch out for new Acronym that popup due to new events or news.  

Note: "C" and "S" are used interchangeably for "See" --and-- "U" and "Y" are used interchangeably for "You"

I have a comment

Follow Friday

it means arms around you, hug for you


it means wink wink, nudge nudge

Talk to the hand


Your (or my) two cents worth, also seen as m.02

Thank you

Nude club

One to one

it means I agree

Elite -or- leet -or- L337

it refers to the fourteen words


I love you

I Love You Too

One for All and All for One

I hate you

it means murder/ homicide

0 hand

it means wonderful

One Vs. Four

it means to, too, two


Twenty Four Seven, as in all the time

To be

To Be Or Not To Be

To Be At

Too Busy For You Cutey

To be or not to be

To die for


Toodle oo

Too Good To Be Forgotten

Too Good To Be True



Too Cute

To You Too


For, Four

Deny Access To

I haven't a clue



I love you

For Crying Out Loud


ForEver And Ever



For F***’s Sake


F*** You

Too much information


5 Finger Salute

Let's Fly

Kiss Me

it means ate, it also refers to oral sex

I Love You

Out of, over, to get rid of, or kicked out

Hugs and kisses

it means it

Parent is watching

Parent is no longer watching

I'm gone

it's a heart

it means reply

I have a question

Hook up?

it means at -or- it means reply to

French equivalent of CUL8R

At The End Of The Day

Author's Note


Agree to Disagree

Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere

American Association Against Acronym Abuse

As A Friend -or- Always And Forever

Asleep At Keyboard

As A Matter Of Fact

As A Matter Of Interest

Anarchy Arrogance Pollution

At Any Rate

At Any Rate

Alive And Smiling

Always At The Keyboard

As Always, Your Friend

Ass Backwards -or- Ah Bless


Always Be Creating/Communicating -or- Accept, Believe, Confess

Anywhere But Here

A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush

Always Be Knolling

About To


Alt Control Delete

Access Control Entry


A Completely Obsessive Really Nutty person

Another Day Another Dollar

All Done Bye Bye



All Day I Dream About Sex

Another Day In Hell

Another Day In Paradise

Aye Dios Mio

Advanced Digital Network -or- Any Day Now



As Early As Possible

As F*** or After Fate

A Friend As Good As You

A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted

As Far As I'm Concerned

As Far As I Can See

As Far As I Can Tell

As Far As I Know

As Far As I Remember

As Far As I Understand

As Far As I Understand It

As Far As Possible

As Far As You're Concerned

Away From Computer

Any F***ing Day Now

Another F***ing Growth Opportunity

As Far As I Am Aware

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

April Fools Joke

Away From Keyboard -or- A Free Kill

A Fresh Pair Of Eyes

About F***ing Time

All F***ed Up

Away From Window

Acronym Free Zone

Almost Good Bridge

American Girl InstaGram

And God Knows What Else

Artificial Intelligence -or- As If

And I'm A Monkey's Uncle

all right

As It Happens

As I Mentioned Before

Always In My Prayers

As I Said Before

As I Said Earlier

As I See It

Adult In The Room

Also Known As

As Late As Possible

All Concerned

Actually Laughing Out Loud

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Act Locally, Think Globally

Ain't Life Wonderful

Ask Me Anything

As Many As Possible -or- As Much As Possible

All My Best Wishes

Adios Mother F***er

All My Love

Add Me On SnapChat

Accelerated Mobile Pages

All My Roommates Thank You For The Show

And Now For A Word From Our Sponsor

And Now For Something Completely Different

Almost Nearly Good Bridge

All Of A Sudden

Abuse Of Bandwidth

Apropos Of Nothing

Agency On Record -or- Album-Oriented Rock

Angel On Your Pillow

Apple Pie


As Per Usual

Action Required

Ape Sh** -or- Another Subject

As Soon As F***ing Possible

As A Matter Of Fact

As Soon As Possible

As Soon As You Get This



Ain't That A Bitch

All These Bitches Is My Sons

Any Two Cards

At The Moment -or- Ass To Mouth

Along The Same Line

At The Same Time

All The Web, Around The Web, All The Way, At The Weekend

Agree That We Disagree

And U Know This

And U Know This Man

After While, Crocodile

Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Avoiding Work Like The Plague

All We Need Is Another Chair

Absent Without Leave


A Word To The Wise

it means across

Aren't You Clever -or- Aren't You Cheeky

All You Can Eat

Are You Even Goth?

Are You F***ing Kidding Me With This Sh**

As You Know

Are You My Mother

At Your Own Risk

Are You Stupid Or Something

And You're Telling Me This Because

Are You Vertical?


Breaking & Entering

Back and Forth











Bye For Now

Before You

Before You Know It

Back at You

Being Annoyed By You

Bad Ass Chick

Before Anyone Else

Before Anyone Else Babe

Before Anyone Else So Back Off

Busting A Gut -or- Big Ass Grin

Back At Keyboard

Bad Ass Mother F***er

it means penis

Buy Abroad but Rent in Britain

Buildings, Antennas, Spans, Earth

Business As Usual

Be Back -or- Buzzard Breath -or- Blessed Be -or- Baby

Bye Bye for Now

Big Bad Ass Mother F***er In Charge

Bye Bye Babe -or- Boring Beyond Belief -or- Big, Beige & Boring

Bye Bye Be Good

Body By Fisher, Brains By Mattel

Bye Bye for Now

Be Back In A Bit

Be Back In A Few

Be Back In A Sec

Be Back In A While

Be Back Later

Big Bad Mother F***er In Charge

Bar-B-Que -or- Barbeque

Burnt Beyond Repair

Be Back Soon -or Bulletin Board Service

Be Back Soon Darling

Be Back Sooner or Later

Be Back Tomorrow

Big Beautiful Woman -or- Big Black Woman


Bon Chic Bon Genre -or- Belle Cul Belle Geulle

Big Company, Big School

Be Seeing You


Big Deal -or- Baby Dance -or- Brain Drain

Busy Daydreaming Back In 5 Minutes

Big Dumb Company -or- Big Dot Com

Big Dick Energy

Big Damn Number

Brain Dead On Arrival

Bondage, Dominance, Sadism, Masochism

Big Evil Grin


Boyfriend -or- Best Friend

Best Friends For Life

Blinding Flash of the Bloody Obvious

Big F***ing Deal -or- Big F***ing Disaster

Bum F*** Egypt

Best Friends Forever -or- Best Friend's Funeral

Best Friends For Now

Best Friends Forever Til The End

Best Friends Forever Work

Big F***ing Gun

Bye For Now

Big F***ing Rock

Be Good

Be Glad Be Cheerful

Best GirlFriend

Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Big Hearted Guy -or- Big Hearted Girl

Bloody Hell, I Must Be Getting Old

Bald Headed Old Fart

Business Intelligence

Back In Five

Bye Bye

Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

Beer In, Beer Out

Basis In Fact -or- Before I Forget

Brother-In-Law -or- Boss Is Listening

Bring It On

Break It Off In Your Ass

Believe It Or Not

Blow It Out Your Ass

Blow It Out Your Ear

Blow It Out Your I/O Port

Blow it Out Your Nose

Basically In The Clear Homey

Back In The Day

Bring It The F*** On, Bitch

it means Business

Blow Job

Better Known As

Belly Laughing

Back Like Bull, Brain Like Bird


it means blizzard

Byte Me

Bad Mother F***er

Busting My Gut With Laughter

Big Man On Campus

Bite Me Old Fart

Byte Me On The Ass

Baby Making Sex

B*tch, Moan, Whine

Been -or- Being

Been Nowhere Done Nothing

Big Name Fan

Bug Off -or- Body Odor

Bend Over And I'll Show You

Bust Out Another Thousand

Battery Operated Boyfriend

Body Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch

But Of Course There Are Always Exceptions

Benefit of the Doubt -or- Board Of Directors

Bastard Operator From Hell

Bros Over Hoes

Bend Over Here It Comes Again

Bark Out Loud

Believe it Or Not

it means cool

Back Of The Envelope Calculation

Bra On The Loose

But On The Other Hand

Bot Of The United States

Big Person Little Mind


Be Right Back

Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa

Belly Roll Laughs

Be Right Over

Be Right There

Big Requirements Up Front

Big Smile -or- Bull Sh** -or- Brain Strain

Big Smile And A Wink

Book Smart, Brain Dead & No Experience

Big Sh** Eating Grin

But Seriously, Folks

Blue Screen of Death

Byte This

But Then Again -or- Before The Attacks

Bored To Death

Been There Done That

Been There, Done That, Got The T-shirt

it means beautiful day

Back The F*** Off -or- Bend The F*** Over

Beats The Heck Out Of Me

Bash Twitter Idiocy

Better Than Nothing

Be There Or It's Your Ass


Beats The Sh** Out Of Me

Brothers To The End

Back To The Past

Back To The Top -or- Bump To The Top

By The Way -or- Bring The Wheelchair -or- Booty To Win

Be There With Bells On

By The Way I Think I Am In Love With You

Better Than You Can

Better Than You Do

Big Ugly Fat F***


Bring Up My Post

Best Wishes

But What Do I Know

But What If

Bursting With Laughter

Black, White or Other

But Wait, There's More

Between You And Me

Before You Know It

But You Knew That

Bring Your Own Advil

Bring Your Own Bottle -or- Bring Your Own Beer

Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Pencil

Build Your Own Website -or- Bring Your Own Wine

Better You Than ME


it means see, it's also a programming language

see ya

it means could

it means cool

Chuckle and Grin



Cross Post

Change of Subject

Ciao For Now

Cool As A Cucumber

Cyberathlete Amateur League

Crack A Smile

Chat Brat -or- Coffee Break -or Call Back

Can't Be Bothered

it stands for Cannabidiol, a.k.a. CBD oil

Can't Be F***ed

Covered Blow Job

Covered By Medicare

Centered Backgrounds On Twitter

carbon copy

Conservative Christians on Twitter

Cute Crush Wednesday

Carpe diem -or- Compact Disc

Code 9 - it means parents are around

Coffee Freak -or- Cluster F***

Call For Vote

Click Here Asshole

it means chilling or to be chill

Goodbye (in Italian)

Coffee In, Coffee Out

Can I Copy Your Home Work

Consider It Done -or- Crying In Disgrace

Check In Later

Clad In Naught But Air

Check It Out -or- Chief Information Officer / Chief Internet Officer

Cache In, Trash Out

it means cold

Career Limiting Move

Call Me

Chortling My Ass Off

Cover My Ass Partner

Call Me Back

Count My Fingers

Correct Me if I'm Wrong

Cracking MySelf Up

Crack Me Up


Continued in Next Post

Close Of Business

Come On By Right After School

Change Of Dressing

Church of Scientology

Church of Scientology

Chuckle Out Loud -or- Chortling Out Loud

short for cool

Change Of Subject -or- it means because

Circle Of Trust

Cost Per Action -or- Cost Per Acquisition

Cost Per Click -or- Cost-Per-Click

Consumer Packaged Goods

Cost Per Lead


Chuckling Quietly To Self

Can't Remember A F***ing Thing

Cheap Redundant Assorted Products

Can't Remember A Thing

Can't Remember Anything Worth A Sh**

Come Right Back

Crying Real Big Tears

Caucasian Rhythm Disorder -or- Deficiency

Credit Check

Can't Remember Sh** -or- Cockney Rhyming Slang

Can't Remember the Three-Letter Acronym

Career Suicide

Cute Sexy & Funny

Cool Sweet Awesome

Continued Success And Best Regards

Can't Stop Laughing

Chuckle, Snicker, Grin

Can't Talk -or- Can't Text

Call To Action

Care To Chat -or- Contact -or- Choking The Chicken

Calm The F*** Down

Come The F*** On

Cracking The F*** Up

Chuckle To Myself Quietly

Check This Out

See You -or- Cracking Up

See You For Sex

Clean Up Afterwards

See You At The Senior Center

See You Around The Universe

See You Later

See You Later

See You Later Alligator

See You In School

See You Next Time -or- Can't Understand Newest Text

See You OnLine


Catch Up With The Acronyms


Complete Waste Of Time

Chat With You Later


Chief insert title here Officer

Calm Yourself

Cover Your Ass -or- See Ya

Check your Email

See You Later

Check Your Mail

See You Online

Create Your Own Happening

See You Tomorrow

Dad -or- it means the

Deep & Meaningful


dude, also seen as dood

Developer-to-Developer or Day-to-Day



What the F***

Don't Ask Me How I Know That

Duplicating Another's, Not Necessarily Yours

Ducking And Running For Cover

Doing Business As -or- Don't Bother Asking

Don't Be A Bitch About It

Dream Boat Body, Shipwreck Face

Don't Be Dumb

Don't Believe Everything You Read

Don't Bother Me I'm Busy

Due Diligence

Don't Do Anything Stupid

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Different Day, Same Old Sh**

Don't Dick With It



Don't Even Go There


Don't Even Notice I Am Lying


Don't Even Think It

DElete a TWEET



Dear Friend

Darn If I Know

Disenhanced Four-Letter Acronym (that is, a TLA)

Don't Forget To Be Awesome

Don't F*** Up

Don't Forget Who Loves You

Don't Go Anywhere

Don't Give A F***

Don't Give A Rat's Ass

Don't Go There

Don't Go There Girlfriend

Damn Girl You're Fine

Dear Husband

Don't Hold Your Breath

Die In A Fire

Drunk In Charge

it means what's the difference between

Do I Know You?

Do I Look Like I Give A Damn

Do I Look Like I Give A Sh**

Double Incomes, No Kids

Democrat In Name Only


Do It Right the First Time

Did I Say That Outloud?

Dancing In The Rain

same here

Did I Tell You I'm Distressed

Do It Yourself

Don't Judge Me

Don't Know

Don't Know Don't Care

Down Low -or- Download -or- Dead Link

Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite

Don't Lie To Me

Direct Message

Don't Mention It

Do Not Be Late

Does Not Compute

Do Not Disturb

Did Not Find

Damn Near Pissed My Pants Laughing

Do Not Resuscitate

Dead On Arrival

Drug Of Choice

Depends On Experience

Goodbye (in Dutch)

Depend On God

it's an expression of frustration

it means doing

Department Of Redundancy Department

Dad Over Shoulder -or- Dozing Off Soon

Domestic Partner

Damage Per Second

Don't Poop Your Pants

Don't Quote Me On This

Don't Quit Your Day Job

Dirty Rat Bastard

Don't Really Care One Way Or The Other

Don't Read If Busy

Digital Subscriber Line -or- Dick Sucking Lips

Damn Straight

Deep Throaty Chuckle

Down To F***

Down To Kill

Do The Right Thing

Driving Under the Influence

Do You Masturbate?

Don't Use No Acronyms

i don't know

Do You Remember

Damn You Are Sexy

Do You Scream Loud?

Did You See That?

Don't Worry

Don't Work Too Hard

Don't Write Back

Don't Worry Be Happy

Drunk tWEET

During Work Hours

Driving While Intoxicated

Deep Wet Passionate Kiss On The Lips

Driving While Stupid

Surfing the World Wide Web while intoxicated

Does What You Mean

Damn You Auto Correct

Don't You Dare

Dude You Fascinate Me

Do You Have A Boyfriend?

Do You Have A Girlfriend

Don't You Just Hate It When...

Do You Love It?

Do Your Own F***ing Dirty Work

Did You See The Size Of That Thing

Easy as One, Two, Three

Each to His/Her Own

Eat A Bag Of Sh**

Entrepreneurial Attention Deficit Disorder

Eating at Keyboard

Everything About Pittsburgh F***ing Sucks

Erectile Dysfunction

Electronic Document Management -or- Electronic Dance Movement

Electronic Emission

Employee -or- Employees


Electronic Funds Transfer

Evil Grin

Emos Hate Everyone

E-Hashtag on Twitter

Eggo Is Preggo

Evil Laugh

Evil Laugh Out Loud

Excuse Me

E-Mail Address

Early Morning Business Meeting

Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

Excuse Me For Butting In

Excuse Me For Jumping In

Excuse My Ignorance

Email Me Later

Eat My Pussy

Evil Monkey's Rule The World

E-Mail Message

End Of Day -or- End Of Discussion

End Of Life

End Of Message

End Of Thread/Text/Transmission

End Of Watch

Eat Sh** And Die

Eat Sh** And Die You F***ing Asshole

Every Second Every Minute Every Day

Eat Sh** F***Off And Die

Environmental, Social, Governance

Experience, Strength, and Hope

Eat Sh** Mother F***er

Equipment Smarter than Operator

Estimated Time of Arrival -or- Edited To Add

ETLA Extended Three-Letter Acronym (that is, an FLA)

End of TeXt


Every One

E-mailing While Intoxicated

Enjoy Your Day

Enjoy Your F***ing Day



it means to Follow Up

Face-to-Face, a.k.a. face time

Face-to-Face mail

Free To Talk

Follow for Follow

a.k.a. the FAANGs

Features Attributes Benefits

Finally An Explanation

Find A Friend

F***ing A Hot

Forsaking All, I Trust In Him

F***ing A Pissed

Frequently Asked Questions List

Fast Ass Son Bitchii

Fork A Twitter Client

Foaming At The Mouth


For Anyone Who Cares

Frequently Argued Waste Of My F***ing Time

F*** All Y'all

F*** Buddy -or- FaceBook -or-Follow Back

F***ing Brilliant Idea -or- Female Body Inspector

Failure Between Keyboard and Seat

Facebook Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

First Come, First Served

For Crying Out Loud

First Customer Ship

Falling Down F***ing Funny

Fall Down Go Boom

Fresher Than You

Fatal Error

Forget Everything And Run, Face Everything And Recover, False Evidence Appearing Real

Friends Forever

Fresh Fields and Pastures New

Free For All

For F*** Sake

Food For Thought

Fuhgedaboudit -or- Forget About It

Fine Guy Friday

Friends Hanging Out

F*** I'm Funny

First In, First Out

F*** I'm Good Just Ask Me

F*** It Got My Orders

French, Italian, German, Spanish

F*** If I Know


Father I'd Like to F***

First In Last Out

Failed In London, Try Hong Kong

F***ed up, Insecure, Neurotic, Emotional -or- F*** It Never Ends

fake Instagram

Financial Independence, Retire Early

First in, Still Here

Fill In The Blanks

Fake It Til You Make It

F*** 'Em

Four Letter Acronym

First Lady Of The United States

F***ing Look it Up, I Did

F*** My Life

F*** Me Like The Whore I Am

Follow Me On Twitter

Far More Than You Ever Wanted To Know

F*** Me Up The Ass

F***ing New Guy

F*** Off

F*** Off And Die

Friend Of A Friend

F*** Off And Google

frequency operated button a.k.a. key fob

Free of Charge

Family Over Everything

Falling on Floor Laughing

Fear Of Getting Caught

F*** Outta Here

Fond of Leather

Fear Of Losing Out -or- Fake pOLO shirt -or- Families Of Loved Ones

Fell Off My Chair

Falling Off My Chair Laughing

Fear Of Missing Out

Fear Of Missing Out on Football

F*** Off Over There -or- go away

Found On Road Dead, Fixed Or Repaired Daily, F***ed Over Rebuilt Dodge

Full Of Sh**

For Official Use Only

For Placement Only

F***ing Ridiculous Electronic Device

Fully Rely On God

it means freezing

For Sale

For Sale By Owner

For Some Reason

Feeling Some Type Of Way

F*** Sh** Up

Facebook Twitter Addict Disorder

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet


From The Bottom Of My Heart

Failure To Communicate -or- First To Comment

Full Time Employee

F*** That's Funny, Face To Face, First To Find

For The Fun Of It -or- For The F*** Of It

Faster Than Light

For The Love Of God

F*** That Noise

For The Record

F*** That's Really Funny

For The Time Being

For The Win -or- F*** The World

F*** You Too

Fat Ugly Bastard

F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition (or Repair)

F***ked Up Beyond All Recovery But Unfortunately Not Dead Yet

F***ed Up Beyond Belief

F*** You Buddy You're On Your Own

Fear, Uncertainty, and Disinformation

F*** You Jack I'm Movin' On

F***ed Up Mess

Fat Ugly Mother F***er

Fat Upper Pussy Area

Filled Up and Ready To Burst

F*** You World -or- F*** You Weirdo

Friends With Benefits


For What It's Worth -or- Forgot Where I Was

F***ing Waste Of Time

For Your Amusement

For Your Consideration

For Your Edification

For Your Eyes Only

From Your Friend

For Your Information

F*** You I'm Fully Vested

From Your Lips To Gods Ears

For Your Misinformation

Fasten Your Seat Belts It's Going To Be A Bumpy Night

Guess -or- Grin -or- Giggle -or- Goodbye

Good One

Got to Go

Got To Go Love Ya So

Go For It

Good For Nothing


good night

Go Ahead -or- Good Afternoon

Getting A Beer

Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon

Get A F***ing Life

Get Away From Your Keyboard

Gives A Gay First Impression

Get A Hold Of Yourself

Get A Life

Give A Little Get A Little

Get A Load of Her

Get A Load of Him

Getting Another Beer

Got A Pic? -or- Gay Ass People

Got A Second?


Good Bridge

Great Big Grin

Great Big Hug

Gay Boy Problems

Get Back To Work

Good Crib

God Damn -or- Gosh Darn

Grinning, Ducking and Running

Grinning, Ducking and Running Fast

God Damn It -or- God Damn Independent

General Data Protection Regulation

Grin, Duck and Wave


Good Faith Estimate -or- GirlFriend Experience

Go F***ing Figure

Go For It

Gone For Now

Good For One Night

Grim File Reaper

Gone For The Day

Good For The Universe

Good For You -or- Go F*** Yourself -or- Go Find Yourself

Go F*** Yourself Mother F***er

Good Game -or- Gotta Go -or- Giggling

Good Game All

God, God, God, God

Gotta Go Now

Gotta Get Out of Here

Gotta Go Pee

Gotta Go, Pacemaker Battery Low

Go Google Yourself

God Help Me

Google It

Gift In Crib

Gee I Don't Know

God Is Good All The Time

Garbage In, Garbage Out

Grandmother I'd Like to F***

Great Ideas for Starting Things

Got It, Thanks

Gee, I Wish I'd Said That

Good Job

Good Job Partner

Good Luck -or- Get Lost

Good Luck All

Good Luck And Well Done

Good Looking Boy

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender

Good Looking Girl

Good Luck and Good Hunting

Good Luck With Sale

God Loves You And So Do I

Good Morning -or- Good Move

Give Me A Break

Give Me A F***ing Break

Gives Me Hope

Good Morning I Love You

Great Minds Think Alike

Great Minds Think Alike, And So Do Ours

Great Minds Think For Themselves

Good Night

good night

Got Nothing But Love For You

Get Naked On Cam

GangNam Style

Good Night Sweet Dreams

Greatest Of All Time

Game On B*tcheeez

Get Over It

God Only Knows

Giggling Out Loud

Grateful Of Lovely Family -or- Friends

Get Off My Back

Get Out Of Debt job

God Only Really Knows

Gay Or Straight

God's Only Son Provides Eternal Life

Get Off The Damn Phone While You're Driving

Get/Getting On The Piss

Get On With It

Get Off Your High Horse

Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself

Gentleman's Quarterly Mother F***er

Grinning Running & Ducking

Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish


God's Riches At Christ's Expense

Generally Recognized As Safe


Good Riddance Of Bad Rubbish

girls, also seen as grrl



Gimme Some Credit

Go Sit On A Snake

Good Sense Of Humor

Get Set To Go

Gun Shot Wound

Good Seeing You, Just Don't Wear Your Monkey Hat

Good Try

Going To A Strip Club

Get The F*** Out

Get The F*** Out Of Here

Got To Go

Got To Go Bye

Got To Go Pee

Go To Hell

Good To Know

Gym, Tan, Laundry

Giggle To Myself

Game Transfer Phenomenon

Going To Read Mail

Google That Sh**

Glad To See You

Geographically UnDesirable

government, also seen as guvmint, gumint

Get With It

Glorified Waste Of Time

Get Well Soon

Get Your Head Out Of Your Ass

Get Your Lazy Ass Back To Work

Get Your Pants Off

Hugs and Kisses

Hold On

Hold Please

Hope To See You Soon

Here To Stay

Hot For You

Hacker -or- To Be Hacked

Husband in room

Have Advised

have a good one

Have a Great Day

Have A Good Night

Have A Good One

it means laughing

Hugs And Kisses

Have a Nice Day

Hit And Run

Hello And Welcome To Last Week

How Are You?

Hurry Back

Hitting Bottom And Starting To Dig

Hip Beyond Belief

Hot But Inappropriate Boy

Head Bitch In Charge

Helping a Brother Out

Happy Birthday To You

How Bout You?

Holy Computer Crap


How Does Get F***ed Sound?

Honest Direct Message

Happily Ever After

High Earner, Not Rich Yet

Hello Friend -or- Have Fun -or- Have Faith

Hell Has Frozen Over

Hip Hip Hooray

Hanging Head In Shame

Ha Ha, Only Half Kidding

Ha Ha, Only Joking

Ha Ha, Only Kidding

Ha Ha, Only Serious

Happy Holidays To You And Yours

High Five

How's It Going?

Hope It Helps

Help, I'm Out Of Coffee

Higher Income People's Personal Opinions

Hang In There And Keep Smiling

Head MOFO In Charge

Head MoFo What In Complete Charge

Hit My Line

Hit Me On Twitter

Hit Me Up -or- Hook Me Up

How Nice That/This Is

How Nice That Was

Happy New Year

Hang On -or- Hold On -or- Head Office

HOllywood HAcker

Hold On, I'm Coming

a.k.a. virtual demonstration, holographic technology

Hot Picture, as in sexy or naked

How Are You

Hanging On Your Every Word

Higher Power

Hot Piece Of Ass

Highest Paid Person in Office

Human Resources -or- Human Reaction

it means hurricane

Haven't Seen It All Before

How Should I Know

Hi There -or- Hat Tip -or- Heard Through -or- Hashtag on Twitter

Hang The Bastards

Hope This (or That) Helps

Hit The Nail On The Head

Hook Up

Heads Up Ace -or- Head Up Ass -or- Heard, Understood, Acknowledged

How You Doing?

it means to Hug and snuggle



Head Up Your Ass



Here We Go Again

it means history -or- hospital

I Wonder

I Love It

I Love You

i hate it

Intercourse & Inebriation


In Any Case -or- I Am Confused -or- If Anyone Cares

In Any Event

I Ain't Got That Kind Of Money

It's All In The Subject

I Am Not A Crook

I Am Not A Doctor But I Play One On TV

I Am Not An Expert

I Am Not A Lawyer

I Am Not Nurturing the Next Generation of Casualties

I Always Say A Prayer For You

I Am Tired

I Agree With -or- In Accordance With

I Am Your Master

I'll Be Gone, You'll Be Gone

I'll Believe It When I See It

Idiot Behind Keyboard

I'll Be Right Back

In Between Technology

Itty Bitty Titty Committee

I Beg To Differ

In Before The Lock

Independant Contractor -or- In Character -or- I See

I Could Be Wrong

It Could Be Worse, It Could Be Me

I Couldn't Care Less

I Can't Imagine How I Could Possibly Care Less

I Can't Wait

I See What You Mean

In Case You're Curious -or- In Case You Care

In Case You Missed It



I Don't Believe It

I Don't Care

I Don't Even Know

I Don't Even Want To Know

I Don't Give A Damn

I Don't Give A F***

I Don't Give A Rats Ass

I Don't Get Hashtag Phrases

I Don't Get It -or- I Don't Get Involved

I Did It For The Lulz

I Don't Know

I Don't Know, my Best Friend Forever Jill

I Don't Know About That

I Don't Know What To Do

I Don't Know You

It Doesn't Matter

I Did Not Know That

I Don't Really Know

I Didn't Say That

I Did That Already

I Deserve To Be Blown First

I Don't Think So

I Don't Want To Upset You But

It's Esther's Fault

In the Front -or- In the Back

I Found A Bug

I F***ing Hate This Acronym Bollocks

I F***ed Up


I Gotta Go Pee

I Get The Point

It Goes Without Saying

It Goes Without Saying That

I Guess You Had To Be There

I Hate Acronyms

I Have Another Instant Message

I Have No Clue

I Have No Opinion

Involuntary Hormonal Reaction

I Have Truly Found Paradise -or- I Hate This F***ing Place

I Hear You

I Heart You -or- I Hate You

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

Intel Inside, Idiot Outside

If It Makes Any Difference

If I'm Not Mistaken

If I Remember -or- If I Recall

If I Remember Correctly -or- If I Recall Correctly

Is It Tight?

If It's Too Loud You're Too Old

It's In The Mail

If I Tell You What It Means Will You Buy Me A Drink

If I Tell You Will You Buy Me A Drink

It Is What It Is

If It Were Me

Inside Joke

I Just Pissed My Pants

I'm Just Saying...

I Just Want To Know

I Just Want To Say

I Know A Lot Of People Like That

I Know, Right?

I Know What You Mean

I Know You Are But What Am I?

I Love Acronyms

I'll Be Seeing You

I'll Be Seeing You Later

I Love Female/Male Dominance

I Love It

I Laughed, I Cried, I Spat/Spilt Coffee/Crumbs/Coke On My Keyboard

I Love My Job

I Love You

I Love You As A Friend

I Love You

I Like/Love You Too

Instant Messaging -or- Immediate Message

I aM Too Busy To (even) Pee

I Might Add

In My Arrogant Opinion

In My Considered Opinion

In My Experience

I Am Easy, Are You?

In My Feelings

In My F***ing Arrogant Opinion

I am f***ed up

I Might Get Caught

In My High Exalted Informed Unassailable Opinion

I Move How I Feel

In My Humble Opinion

I Mean It

I'M Just Saying

I Make Myself Laugh

In My Never Even Remotely Humble Opinion

In My Not So Humble Opinion

In My Opinion

In My Own Opinion

I Made Out With Him/Her Anyway

In My Point Of View

I Mean Really

I Am, Are You?

I Am Sorry

It's No Big Deal

I’m Never Coming Home

In Case You Didn't Know

It's Not My Problem

If Not Now When?

In No Particular Order

It's No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk

I'm Outta Here

Index Of Names

I Don't Know

In Order To

Intuitively Obvious To The Casual Observer

I Owe You

Inside, Outside, Upside Down

In Other Words

I'm Posting Naked

In Real Life

I'd Rather Not Comment On That

I See A Great Need

Insert Sarcasm Here

In Search Of

I Said So -or- I'm So Sure

I'm So Sick Of Your Stuff -or- S*** -or- Stories

I'm So Sure You Get The Idea

It Seems To Me

I Seem To Remember

If Stupid Were a Crime

I See What You Mean

I'll Send You A Letter Soon

I Totally Agree

In The Final Analysis

I Thank God For This

I Think I'm Going To Be Sick

In The Money

It's That Man Again

Impeach The Mother F***er Already

Intense Text Sex

It's A Date

If The Shoe Fits Wear It

If You Must

If You Are Interested

I Will Always Love You

I Will Buy A Plane Ticket And Kick Your Ass If You Say That Again

It Would Be Nice If

I Wanna F*** You

I Will Follow You

I Wish I Was You

I Want Sex Now

I'm What The Kids Call Relatable

If You Ask Me

If You Ain't Ordinance You Ain't Sh**

If You Can’t Say Something Nice About Someone Don’t Say Anything At All

In Your Dreams

If You Don't Mind My Asking

In Your F***ing Dreams

Insert Your Favorite Ethnic Group

If You Know What I Mean

If You Know What I Mean And I Think You Do

If You Need Anything Else Get Back To Me

In Your Opinion

I Like You

If You Say So

If You See What I Mean

Just Checking

Just Joking

Just Kidding

Jerking Off

Just Playing

Just Wondering

Just To Let You Know

Just For Fun

Just For Grins

Just For Today

Just Five Minutes

Just Another Day

Just Another F***ing Onlooker

Just A F***ing Salesman

Just A Minute

Just A Second

Just Another Twitter App

Just Curious -or- Just Chilling -or- Jesus Christ

Just Do It

Just Doing My Job


Just Ejaculated On My Keyboard

Jesus F***ing Christ

Just F*** Her

Just For Information

Just Got Home

Just Google Me B*tch

Just Helping Out

Just Helping out My (Mafia, Mob, Neighbors, etc.)

Just Helping Out My Friend(s)

Just In Case

Just Kidding

Jesus Loves You

Just My 2 Cents

Join Me Down The Pub (in 30 mins)

Just My Opinion

Jesus On the Main Line

Joy Of Missing Out

Just One Of Those Things

Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last

Just Playing

Just Saying

Job Shaped Object

Just Shut Up

Just So You Know

Just Teasing

Just To Let You Know

Just Thinking Out Loud

Just Thinking Of You

Jumping Up And Down Like A Monkey

Just Wondering


Kick Ass Bitch

Kick Butt


Keep Cool

Keep Calm & Carry On

it means cool

Kindly Follow Back

Kiss For You

Know How You Feel

Killed In Action

Knowledge In, Bullsh** Out

Kids In Parents' Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings

Keep It Real

Keep It Simple Stupid

Keep In Touch

it means pussy

Keep It To Yourself

Kiss Kiss -or- OK

it means "over" as in, waiting for your reply

Kiss My Ass

Kiss My Black Ass

Kiss My Fat Hairy Ass

Keep Me In Mind

Keep Me Posted

Kiss My Royal Irish Arse

Kill MySelf

Kiss My Shiny Little Ass

Kiss Me You Fool

Kiss My White Ass

Knocked Out


Kiss On The Cheek

Kiss On The Lips

Keeping Parents Clueless

Kill Stealer

Dutch for f***ed up life

Keep Up The Good Work

Know What I Mean?

Kiss With Serious Tongue Action

Keep Your Bum Clean

Keep Your Fingers Crossed

Keep Your Nose Clean

Keep Your Pants On

Know Your Rank

Kill YourSelf

Keep Your Stick On The Ice


Love and Respect

Left Message


Let's hook up

Laughing At You -or- Laughing About You

Laughing Aloud

Life's A Bitch And Then You Die

Listening (but) Away From Window

Lets All Get Naked And F***

Life Always Goes On

Laughing At Own Joke

Lame Ass Quote

Like Back

Like Bondage? Whips or Chains

Let's Be Honest

Little Boy's Room and Little Girl's Room

Laughing But Serious

Laughing Because You're Gay -or- Laughing Because I'm Gay

Long Distance -or- Later Dude

Look Deeply Into My Eyes, Does It Look Like I Give A F***

Long Distance Relationship

Let's Do The Time Warp Again

Law Enforcement Social Media

Let's F***

Lady oF Leisure -or- Loner For Life

Looking Forward To It

Life"s F***ed Up

Life's Good -or- Long Gone

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer +

Lesbian, Gay, Genderqueer, Bisexual, Demisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Twospirit, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, Asexual, Allies, Pansexual, Polyamorous

Lord Give Me A Sign

Looks Good To Me

Little Girl Yeah

Laughing Hysterically

Let’s Have Sex

Love Hugs Kisses

Lord Have Mercy

Laughing Head Off

Lets Have Online Sex

Let's Have Sex Online

Let's Hook Up

Lying In Bed

Last In, First Out

Let It Go -or- Life Is Good

Laugh, I Nearly Shat

Let It Rest

Laughing In Silence

Let's Just Be Friends

Little Kid In The Room

Livin' Large

Live Long and Prosper

Like Leno on Meth

Looks Like Trouble

Lots and Lots of Thunderous Applause

Licking Love You

Let's Meet For A Joint

Laughing My Ass Off

Laughing My Black Ass Off

Laughing My Booty Pop Off

Laughing My F***ing Ass Off

Let Me Find Out

Laughing My Head Off

Let's Meet In Real Life

Let Me Know

Let Me Know How That Works Out For You

Left a Message On your Answering machine

Lick My Pussy

Like My Recent

Like My Status -or- Learning Management System - or Lick My Sack

Laughing My Socks Off

Like Minds Think Alike

Left a Message To Contact

Left Message To Call Back

it means hello

Life Of A Local

Lying On Bed

Language Of Graphics Oriented

Lots Of Kisses

Laughing Out Loud -or- Lots Of Love -or- Living On Lipitor

Laugh Out Loud With Unintentional Snort Sound

Laugh Out Loud Again

Laugh Out Loud Out Loud Out Loud

Laugh Out Loud Peed My Pants

Laughing Out Loud Rolling On The Floor & I Can't Get Up

Lots Of Laughs

Lots Of Money But A Right Dick

Love Of My Life

Lights On, Nobody Home

Laughing Outrageously Out Loud

Laughing Out Of My Mind

Long On Promises, Short On Delivery

Learn Once, Repeat Everywhere

Laughing Over You

Lots Of Voluntary Effort

Lead Pipe Cinch -or- Lesbian Power Couple

Lazy Piece Of Sh**

Little Rubber Feet

Last ReTweet

Life Sucks Balls

Laughing So Hard I Think I Peed A Little

Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts

Language, Sex, Violence

Lick The Floor

Laughing Too Hard To Type

Laughing 'Til I Cry

Laughing Til I Orgasm

Laughing To Myself

Long Time No See

Long Time, No Type

Last Tweet Of The Days

Long Term Relationship

Long Term Relationship Pussy

Laughing to Self

Look The Teacher Is Coming

Locked Up -or- Laughing Uproariously

it means good luck

Locally Undesireable Land Use

laughs or LulzSec

Love You More Than Pie

Love You Miss You

Love You Miss You Mean It


Love You So Much

it means love


Launch When Ready

Laughing With You

Look What You Started

Love You

Love You Forever

Love You All

Love You As A Friend

Love You Babe

Love You, See You Later, Bye Bye

Love You, Kiss You, Already Miss You

Love You Lots

Love You Like a Brother

Love You Like A Sister

Love You Later Bye

Love You, Mean It

Love YourSelf

Learn Your Sh** Or Up And Quit

Love Ya, See Ya, Bye

Love You With All My Heart


Me Too, Not Yet

Meet for Coffee

Men for Men -or- Male for Male

men for women

Mate -or- Mates

Mature Audience

Make America Great Again

Middle Aged Men In Lycra

Most Advanced Yet Accessible

Message Board

Must Be Following

Must Be Nice

Must Be Real F***ing Nice

Man Crush Monday

Doctor of Medicine -or- Managing Director

Million Dollar Mindset

Mort De Rire

My Eyes Glaze Over

Who cares, whatever

My Eyes Just Rolled

Modestly Enlightened Rich People

My Friend -or- Mother F***ing

My Fans Better Than Yours

Multi-Function Device

Mit freundlichen Gruessen

Mother F***er In Charge

My Fingers Are Crossed

Mother F***er Who's In Charge

My Heart Bleeds For You

uh huh -or- yeah

My Hat's Off To You

Move How You Feel

Missing In Action

Make It Happen

May I Have Your Attention Please


Mother I'd Like to F***


Meet In Real Life

a tweet you regret you sent

More Info Than I Needed

Makes It Worth It

My Kind Of Place

Multiple Letter Acronym

My Lips Are Sealed

giving the digital middle finger

Me Love You Long Time

Market Maker -or- Merry Meet

My Most Humble Apologies To You

mmm ok

Made Me Laugh

Mail Me Your Thoughts

Move On

it means mobile

Matter Of Fact

Mother F***er

MOMent PLease

man boobs

Massive Open Online Course

Member Of The Opposite Sex

MOment Please

Male or Female

Mom Over Shoulder

Member(s) Of The Same Sex

Member Of the Tribe

Member Of The Appropriate Sex

Message Of The Day

Member(s) Of The Opposite Sex

Member(s) Of The Same Sex

My Own Views

My Personal F*** Buddy

Moving Right Along

Men's Rights Movement

Mail the Right Place for Help

Modified ReTweet


Main Stream Media -or- Men who Sleep with Men

Monkey See Monkey Do

Mini-Skirt No UnderWear

Must See To Appreciate

Makes Sense To Me

empty -or- Modified Tweet -or- Mean on Twitter

Mean Time Before Failure

More To Follow

May The Force Be With You

My True Love Always

May the Micky Mouse Force Be With You

May The Schwartz Be With You

More Than Ships In The Night

Miss You

The sound of a kiss

Messed up Beyond All Recognition

Miss You Like Crazy

Missing You Sh** Loads

Miss You So Much

Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor Vehicle Accident with no Personal Injury

Motor Vehicle Accident with Personal Injury

Moving On

it means thank you

More Will Be Revealed Later

My Wife Says

Mind Your Language

Mind Your Own Business

Meet You There

Make Your World Bigger

No -or- And

Nice picture

In A While

Not Applicable -or- Not Affiliated

Nothing Much

No Text

Nice One

Not To Mention -or- Not Too Much

Not Too Much Just Chillin, How Bout You?

Nice Ass

Not A Blonde

Not A Damn Thing

Nearly Almost A Good Bridge

Not A Good Idea

Nursing At Keyboard

Not A Lot Of People Know That

Not As Much As I Love You

Non-Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks

Not A Text Conversation


No Action, Talk Only

Never Again Volunteer Yourself

Name, Address, Zip (also means Nasdaq)

Nota Bene

Not Before Time

No Big Deal

Not Bad For A Beginner

Not Bad For A Bot Stopper

No Bloody Good

No Basis In Fact

Nothing But Love For You

No Bull Sh**

Nice Crib -or- No Comment

New Comic Book Day

New College Graduate

No Date





anyone for KFC?

anyone here?

Need To Have

Not currently Engaged in Employment, Education, or Training

Not Even Funny

Not Even Joking

Any Second

Neighborhood Electric Vehicle

NEW tweeter

North, East, West, South

Not For British School Kids

Not Favorably Considered -or- No F***ing Chance

No F***ing Excuses

No F***ing Fair

Not F***ing Good

No F***ing Idea

Need For Sex -or- Network File System

No F***ing Way -or- No Feasible Way

New Game

Nearly Good Bridge

Not Gonna Happen

Not Gonna Lie

Non-Governmental Organization, a.k.a. NGOs

Nice Hand

Never Heard Of Him/Her

Not Interested

An Eye For An Eye

Nonsense In Crappy Existence

Not Interested, DisLike

Nude In Front Of The Computer

Now I've Got You, You Son Of a B*tch

Not Invented Here

No Internal Message

Not In My Back Yard

Not In My Job Description

Not In My Queue

Never In A Million Years

No Income, No Job nor Assets

Nothing In, Nothing Out -or- No Input, No Output

Need I Say More

Not In This Lifetime

Not In Your Wildest F***ing Dreams

Not Just Another Pretty Face

Nice Little Lady

Not Likely To Be Run Over

Never Mind -or- Nothing Much -or Not Much -or- Nice Move

not much, you?


Not Much Here

Not Much Here, Just Chilling


Not My Problem -or- Not My President

Now More Than Ever

Not Much, You?

Not Now -or- Need

Not Now Chief, I'm In The F ***in' Zone

Need Not Respond

night night sweet heart

Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink

Not Online

no problem

it means no one

Not Online Anymore

No OFfence Intended

also seen as: n00b -or- nub -or- no0blet

New Old Stock -or- Not Outside Sales

Not Online Yet

None Of Your Business

No Problem -or- Nosy Parents

No Questions Asked

Not Quite Our Class Dear

Nice Roll


No Reply Necessary

Nice Set -or- No Show

No Strings Attached

Not Sure But

Not Safe For Work

No Sh** Sherlock

Need Some Tender Loving Care

Not This Again

Now That's A Bunch Of Malarkey

Not Too Bright

Not To Be Missed

No Text Back Needed


Not That It Matters

Not That It Matters Much

Nice To Know


Not That Much

Nice To Meet You

Not That There's Anything Wrong With That

Not To Worry

Now That You Mention It

New person to a site or game


NeVer Mind

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

No Way

Nerd Without A Life

New WithOut Tags

Not Work Related

New With Tags

Not Your Concern

New York City Finger Salute

Opponent -or- Over -or- Or

Over And Out

On A Totally Unrelated Subject

On An Unrelated Subject


Overcome By Events

Or Best Offer


Oh By The Way

Old Battle Axe

Original Character -or- Own Character

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Online Date

One Damn Thing After Another

Old Fart

Old Fart At Play

of course

Original Gangsta

Off Hook

Oh Heck Friends

Oh, I See

Oh I See, You Ate One Too

Oh I Remember What I Said

okay -or- ok -or- k -or- all correct

Old Lady

OnLine Love

One Life, Live It

OnLine Netiquette

Only Laughed Once

Old Man

Oh My Buddha

Over My Dead Body

Oh My Evolution

Oh My F***ing God

Oh My God

Open Mouth, Insert Keyboard

Oh My Lord

Oh My Aching Ass

On My Way -or- Oh My Word

On My Way Too

Oh No I Didn't

Oh No, Not Again

Oh No, Not This Again

Oh No You Didn't

Over and Out

One Of A Kind

Out Of Character -or- Out Of Control

Out Of Facility

Out Of Interest

One Of My Followers

Out Of Office -or- Out Of Commission

Out Of Stock

Out Of Touch

Out Of The Box -or- Out Of The Blue

Obligatory On Topic Comment

Out Of The Loop

One Of Your Followers

Original Post

Oh Sh** I Forgot

Oh Sh** I Never Thought Of That

On Second Thought

Off Topic

Owing To A Slight Oversight In Construction

Only The Brave

Over The Counter

On The Floor -or- On The Fone

Off The Hook

Out To Lunch

On The Other Hand

On The Phone

On The Scene -or- On The Spot -or- Off The Shelf

Over The Top

Off The Top Of My Head

On The Way -or- Off The Wall -or- Otherwise

Oh You Shut Up

it means over

Or Words To That Effect



Partner -or- Pretty

Private & Confidential


Pick Up

Process Too Complicated Too Explain

Peace To You For You Are A Cutie Pie

it means person

Parent Alert

Parent Alert

Political Action Committee

Parents Are Listening -or- Peace And Love

Pretty Awesome New Stuff

Post A Picture

Partial ReTweet

Party All The Time

Parents Are Watching


Potty Break

Parent Behind Back

Play By EMail

Pay Back Is A Bitch

Peanut Butter and Jelly -or- Pretty Boy Jock

Personal Computer -or- Politically Correct

Please Call Me

People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms

Public Domain

Personal Digital Assistant -or- Public Display of Affection

Pulled Directly Out Of My Ass

Pretty Darn Quick

Please Don't Shout

Problem Exists Between Chair And Computer

Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard

People Engaged and Empowered for Peace


it stands for penis

Pulled From Ass -or- Please Find Attached

Pretty F***ing Cold

Pure F***ing Magic

Pretty Hot And Tempting

Pointy Haired Boss

Pointy Haired Stupidvisor

Pig In A Pant Suit

Problem Is Between Keyboard And Chair

Problem In Chair, Not In Computer

Paid In Full

Peeing In My Pants -or- Protection, Instruction, Management of Prostitutes

Peeing In My Pants Laughing

Person In Need -or- Personal Identification Number

Parent In Room

Pain In The Ass

Peace In The Middle East My Brother Of Another Mother

pictures -or- photos

Peace, Love, Out

Press Lots Of Keys To Abort

Parents Looking Over Shoulder


People Like Us

Peace, Love, Unity, Respect


Personal Message -or- Private Message

Pardon My Butting In

Pardon My French

Pardon Me For Jumping In

Pardon My HashTag a.k.a. #PMHT

Put Mind In Gear Before Opening Mouth

Pardon My Jumping In

Pissing Myself Laughing

Picking My Nose

Peeing My Pants

Pissed MySelf Laughing

Pay No Attention To Man Behind the Curtain

Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

Please, No Cursing Allowed Here

Possibly Not Definitely -or- Personal Navigation Device

Piss Off


Plan Of Action

Put On A Happy Face

Passed Out At Keyboard

Print On Demand -or- Play Others Downtime

Piss Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday


Parent Over My Shoulder

Person Of No Account

Photo On Profile, Point Of Purchase/Presence, Post Office Protocol

Parent Over Shoulder -or- Piece Of Sh**

Piece Of Sh** Computer

Persons of the Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters

Person Over Thirty Acting Twenty One

Plain Old Telephone System -or- Pat On The Shoulder

President of the United States

Point Of View

Personal Problem

Pay Per Click -or- Pay-Per-Click

People -or- Pay-Per-Lead -or- Pay Per Lead

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance


Partial ReTweet -or- Please ReTweet -or- Party

Parents Are Watching

Post Script

Public Service Announcement

Porn Star Experience

Product Superior to Operator

People Talking About This

Prime Tanning Hours

Praise The Lord

Please Tell Me More

Please Turn Off Your Electronic Devices

Pardon The Pun -or- Pity The Poor

Pat The Pissed Off Primate

That Stinks

Personal Umbrella Handler

Praying Until Something Happens


Player Versus Player


Prayer Wheels Are Spinning

Pay With A Tweet

Person Will Call Back

playing with myself



Parent Watching Over My Shoulder

Plot, What Plot?

Pay Your F***ing Bill

Pray Your Own Prayer

Queue -or- Question

Question and Answer

it means: first Quarter

Quick To Cum

it means: Quarter 4 in 2016

Question For You

Quickly As Possible

Quarter Back

Quality Control

Quod Erat Demonstrandum

Quoted For Emphasis

Quoted For More Truth

Quoted For Truth -or- Quit F***ing Talking

Quite Interesting

it means quick


Quit Laughing


Quote Of The Day

Quote Of The Post

Quick Question -or- Cry More

Quit Scrolling

Cutie -or- Quiet

Quit Your Bitching


Are you there?

Are you going?

Are you there?

Research & Development

Rest & Relaxation

Read And Enjoyed, But No Comment

Random As F***

Read And Find Out

Remotely Activated Trojan -or- Remote Access Tool

Right Back at Ya

Right Back At You

Referencing Bitch Face

Read Between The Lines

Rainbows, Butterflies, Unicorns

Remote Control

Rectal Cranial Inversion

Reader's Digest Version

Regards -or- Reply -or- Hello Again

Repeat Every Day Lifestyle

Hi Again


Request For Discussion

Request For Proposal

Really F***ing Rich

Really F***ing Soon

it means regards


Rank Has Its Privileges

RoundHouse Kick

Read It And Weep

Really I'M Just Saying

Republican In Name Only

Rest In Peace, a.k.a. big RIP

Recommended If You Like

Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Real Life

Real Life Conference

Real Life Friend

Real Life ReTweet


Rings My Bell

Rolling My Eyes To The Heavens

Read My Lips Baby

Reading My Mind Again

Read My Mail Man

Right Now

Reply Not Necessary

it means rainy

Rolling On Floor Laughing

Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off

Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off And Scaring The Cat

Rolling On Floor Laughing Out Loud

Raffing Out Roud (in scooby-doo dialect)

Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off

Rolling On The Floor Laughing My F***ing Ass Off

Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud

Rolling On The Ground Laughing

Rolling On The Ground Laughing My Ass Off

Right On The Money

Role Playing Games

Request Quotation Bidding

Return Receipt reQuested

haR haR haR (instead of LOL)

Real Soon Now

Repondez S'il Vous Plait

Real Time -or- ReTweet

Road Traffic Accident

Returning To Base

Read The Bloody Manual

Reason To Be Single

Read The FAQ

Read The F***ing FAQ

Read The F***ing Manual

Read The F***ing Question

Release The Hounds

Re-tweet Thanks

Return To Keyboard

Read The Manual -or- Read The F***ing Manual

Read The Screen

Read The Silly Manual

Read The Screen Stupid

Right Thing To Say Dude

Read The Whole F***ing Question

Are You?

Are You Over 18?

Are You F***ing Kidding Me?

Are You Horny?

Are You on Medication Cause You Must Have Missed a Dose

Are You Male OR Female?

Are You Nuts?

Are You OK?

Are You Serious?

Are You SOS (in trouble)?

Are You There?

Are You Up For It?

Are You Under 18?


Read Your Friendly Manual

Roll Your Own

Read Your Screen


Serial Number

Shout-out for Shout-out

Swear to God

Send To Receive

Same To You

screwed in the ass

Sh** for Brains

Spam For Life

Suck A Dick And Die

Stay At Home Mom

Stupid Asses In Action

Starting A New Message

Surpassing All Previous Foul Ups

Stand By

Sorry 'Bout It

Sorry, Being Thick Again

Small Bald Unaudacious Goal

Stay Cool

Sorry, Could Not Resist

Supreme Court Of The United States

So Coked Up I Can Hardly Type

Saturday (or Sunday) Drinking Club

Smoke Dope F*** B*tches

Second Day First Show

Scottie Doesn't Know -or- Software Developer's Kit

wait a second

Said Enough Darling

Sh** Eating Grin

Somebody Else's Problem

Soul Eater Role-Playing Team

Smiling Ear To Ear

Scientifically Engineered Wild Ass Guess

Sun Users' Group -or- ALL CAPS for sex

Surfer Friendly -or- Science Fiction

So Far As I Am Aware

Sh** For Brains

Smiling From Ear To Ear

Stupid Four Letter Acronym

Sorry For Partying

Stop F***ing Talking To Me

Sorry For The Wait

Sound Effects -or- Stage Effects

Sounds Good To Me

Sh** Happens

Should Have Been


Slap Head In Disgust

Sugar Honey Ice Tea

See How Much I Love You

it means so hot

Sh** Hits The Fan

Sitting Here With A Straight Look On My Face


Say It Again

Spelling Is Correct

Sitting In Chair Laughing

Sitting In Chair Snickering

Seriously Impaired Imagination


Stop It Now

Skiing In Powder

Sorry, Incorrect Recipient, Disregard

Stay In Touch

Single Income, Two Children, Oppressive Mortgage

Still In The Dark

Say It Til You Believe It

Suck It Up Pussy

Shove It Up Your Ass

Search Inside Yourself

Strong Jaws




School Kills Your Entertainment

Second Life

it means: goodbye

Sounds Like A Plan -or- Speak Like A Person

Sounds Like A Winner

Smart Little Rich Kid

See Last Mail

Sticking Leeches On Myself

Something Like That

Senior Moment

it means someone

Send Me An Instant Message

Sweating My Ass Off

Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology

Suck My Balls

Small Business Business to Business

Self Made Celebrate

Suck My Dick

Subject Matter Expert

Send Me E-Mail

Shaking My Head -or- So Much Hate

Shaking My Head in Disbelief

Single Mother I'd Like to Fuck

Send Me an Instant Message

Smile With Your Eyes

Slap My Leg

Small Matter of Programming


Side Note

Situation Normal, All F***ed Up

Sensitive New Age Guy

Snotty Nosed Egotistical Rotten Teenager

Sarcasm Noted Here

Simple Nice Index File

Same Night Lay

it means sun showers

it means sunny

Significant Other

Son Of a B*tch

Stressed Out Big Time

Some Other Dude Did It

Start Of Exams

Sh** Or Get Off the Pot

Sense Of Humor

Sense Of Humor Failure

Small Office Home Office

Self Owning Idiot

Sit On It And Rotate

So I See

it's ok

Sh** Out of Luck -or- Sooner Or Later

Social, Local, Mobile


Sit On My Face

Sick Of Me Yet

Snake Out Of Your Ass

Standard Operating Procedure

Straight or Gay

Same Old Sh** -or- help

Same Old Song And Dance

Someone Snapchat

Short On Time

Short On Time, Must Go

Speaking Of Which -or- Statement Of Work


Some People Are Trains

SPam Tweet

it means speak

Single Point Of Contact

Spoiled Rotten Little Brat

Standing Room Only

Social Return On Investment


it means sorry

Ass Backwards

Super Sexy Cute

Same Sh** Different Day

Someday Soon, Everything Will Be Acronyms

Subject Says It All

Short Term Attitude

Sorry, Thank you, Action, Recover, Share

Short To Be Honest

Soon To Be Ex

Sucks To Be You

Seal The Deal, Save The Date, Sexually Transmitted Disease, Stuff To Do

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Shut The F*** Up

Search The F***ing Web

Swear To God


Shut The Hell Up

Spank The Monkey

Short Term Memory Loss

Some Type Of Way

Stop Picking Your Nose, Get To Work


So To Speak

Sweet Tea SweeTie

Search The Web

Speak To You Soon

Shut Up

Sh** Up A Creek

Shut Up And Kiss Me

Shut Up Bitch

Super Finger -or- Shut Up F***ing Imbecile

Screwing Up Face In Disgust

Snooze You Lose

what's up?


Shut Up You Fool

Scientific Wild Ass Guess, SoftWare And Giveaways, Stuff We All Get

Sealed (or Sent) With A Kiss

Sealed With A Lick Because A Kiss Won't Stick

Sealed With A Loving Kiss

So What Do You Think?


Single White Female

See What I Mean?

See What I'm Saying

Sit and Sweat

Screaming With Laughter

She Who Must Be Obeyed

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

So What's Up

So What’s Your Problem?

Straight Edge

So You Know

See You Later

See You Soon

See You Tomorrow

what's up?

Terms & Conditions

it means think positive

Time to Go

Talk To You Later

Talk To You Tomorrow

Thanks For Posting

Talk At You Later

Thanks Again

That's A Bunch Of Malarkey

Take A Bite Out Of My Ass

That's All, Folks

That's All For Now

Take A Hike

There's A Hole In The Middle Of The Sea

That's A Knee Slapper

Thanks A Million

There Ain't No Justice

There's A New Sheriff In Town

There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

Take A Pill

Things Are Really F***ed Up

Taking A Shower

Teachers Are Watching

Thinking About You Now

Titty Bar

To Be Announced -or- To Be Advised

To Be Continued

To Be Determined -or- To Be Decided

Thick Between Ears

To Be Honest

The Bitch Is Ugly

Throwback Thursday

Thinking 'Bout You

Try Before You Buy

Take Care -or- Twitter Crush

Trouble Came Back -or- Taking Care of Business

Too Cute For His Own Good

Third Culture Kid

Taking Care Of Business

Take Care Of Yourself

Tall, Dark and Handsome

Too Darn Many

Talk Dirty To Me -or- Text Dirty To Me

The Edge Of Glory

The End Of The World As We Know It

Too Funny -or- The F***? as in WTF

Twenty Fifth Amendment

That's For Darn Sure

Twitter Follower Friend

Thread From Hell

Thanks For Letting Me Share

Thanks From Me

The F***ing Manual Is Unreadable

Thanks For Nothing -or- Til Further Notice

Thanks For Sharing -or- Three Finger Salute

Thanks For The Cache

Thanks For The Help Ahead Of Time

Thanks For The Thought

Thanks For The Update

That Feeling When


The F*** You Say

Thank God For Acronyms

Think Globally, Act Locally

Thank God for Another Day

That Girl/Guy has Got To Go

This Girl Is Crazy

Thank God It's Friday

Thank God It's Monday

Thank God The Sun Is Out

That Ho Over There


Thanks In Advance

Think I Am In Love

Tongue In Cheek

Think I Give A Sh**

Today I Learned

Teacher I'd Like to F***

Tell It Like It Is

Tears In My Eyes

Try It Measure It Tweak It

it means: Taken & Single

There Is No Gravity, The Earth Sucks

That Is Not What I Said

This Is So Cool

This Is So Lame

This Is So Not Cool

That Is So Not Fair

That Is So Not True

This Job Beats No Job

To Come

Technical Knock Out

Thank You For Your Kindness

Too Long; Didn't Read

Three Letter Acronym

Tender Loving Care

The List Goes On

That's Life In The Big City

Talk To You Later

Too Long To Read

Trust Me

Too Many Acronyms

To Make A Long Story Short

Tweet Me Back

Too Much Information

That's My Story And I'm Sticking To It

Too Much Sh** Going On

There's More Than One Way To Do It

Too Much To Type

Temporarily Not Available

Tongue In Cheek

Took Nothing, Left Nothing

Tell No One

Til Next Time

Trying Not To Laugh


to explode

There Oughta Be A Law

This Oughta Be Good


Taking Off My Training Bra

short for cartoon

Til Our Paths Cross Again

Tons Of Time

Thinking Of You

Team Player -or- TelePort -or- Thanks Pal -or- Toilet Paper

The Phone Company

To Put In Your Prayers

That's Pretty Stupid

Trailor Park Trash

The Powers That Be

Total Quality Management

Thanks for the ReTweet

The Rest Are Mine

Tears Running Down My Cheeks

it means www

it means tornado


Television Rating Points

Tough Sh** -or- Totally Stinks

Tall, Sexy, Beautiful

Too Stinkin' Hot

This Says It All

Thank Science It's Friday

That's So Not Fair

Tough Son Of a B*tch

Totally Stuck in RAM -or- Totally Stupid Rules

Two Shakes of a Rat's Ass

The Sooner, The Better

To Stupid To Live

Big Tease

Tap That Ass

To The Best Of My Knowledge

Ta Ta For Now

Time to Go

The Truth Is Out There

Trying To Keep a Straight Face


Text To Speech

That's The Ticket -or- To The Top -or- Thought That Too

Talk To The Hand

Talk To The Hand The Face Ain't Listening

Time To Totally Kick Ass

To Tell The Truth

Talk To You Later

Talk To You A While From Now

Talk/Type To You In A Few

Talk To You Later -or- Type To You Later

Talk To You Later

Talk To You Later, Hugs and Kisses

Tend To Your Own Business

Talk To You Soon

Talk To You Tomorrow

Toes Up (as in dead)

Thank You Very Much For Your E-Mail


Twitter Wars

Texting While Driving

This Won't Hurt A Bit

The Walls Have Ears

To Whom It May Concern

That's What I Thought

That's What I'm Talking About

That Was Interesting, Wasn't It?

That's What She Said


That's What's Up



Text Instant Message

text message

Thank You

Turn Your CAPS LOCK Off

Thank You For Following

There You Go -or- Thank You God

Text You Later -or- Thank You Lord

Thank You Very Much


are you up?

You Will

You Too

Yours ForEver

you ate?

Use As You Are

Unique Buying State

Up a Creek Without A Paddle

You'd Hate To Be Me

You Don't Know

You're the Man

Until Further Notice

You F***, You Fix

You've Got To Be Kidding

User-Generated Content

Your Girlfriend's Ugly

You Got That Right

You Must Know

Universal Noise of Fucking

You Know It

unPolitically Correct

Until Next Time

You Need To Chill Out

Are You OK?

Under Promise Over Deliver

you are

You Are Too Kind

You Are A Pain In The Ass

You Are Such An Idiot

You Are Welcome

You Are Wise

You Are Too Wise For Me


Up Sh** Creek

Up Sh** Creek Without A Paddle

Unique Selling Proposition

You Tell Me

Unpleasant Visual

You Wish I Was You

You Want Me

User eXperience, a.k.a. UE


Very Big Deal

Very Big Grin

Very Big Mischievous Grin

Very Big Smile

Venture Capital

Vaya Con Dios, Amigo

Very Evil Grin

Value For Money

Vegan -or- Vegetarian

Very Important Member

Very Important Person

Very Important Visitor

Voice Mail

Very Much Alive

Video On Demand

Virtual Reality Bull Sh**

Very Sad Face

Vertical Video Syndrome

Very Well Done

Very Well Played

With -or- Working

what would you like to talk about

what's up?




with regard to

We Own the Other Team

women for men


Wife in room


What A Bright Idea

What A Bunch Of Crap

What A Bunch Of Malarkey

What A Cool Idea

Without A Doubt

What A Dumb Idea

With All Due Respect

When All Else Fails

What A F***ing Bitch

What A F***ing Mess

Warm And Fuzzies

What A F*** Up

Wild Ass Guess -or- Wives And Girlfriends

Wives And Girlfriends of Sports stars

What An Idiot

What A Kiss

Web Application Meets Brick And Mortar

it means want to

What A Slut

What A Terrible Idea

Where Are They Now

Waiter/Actor/Webmaster -or- What A Whore

What A Wonderful Idea

Where Are You?

What Are You Doing?

Where Are You Now?

Welcome Back -or- Write Back

We Build Our Society

Write Back Soon

What 'Bout You?

Who Cares -or- Water Closet

Who Cares Anyway

it means wicked

We Can't Make This Sh** Up

Woman Crush Wednesday

Well Done

Who Died And Left You In Charge?

Woopie Doo Da Dey

Why Do I Love You?

With Due Respect

Who Does That?

What Do You Mean?

What Do You Mean By That?

What Did You Say?

What Do You Think?


Wicked Evil Grin

it means when do you

it means where do you

it means where are you

it means where have you been

We Eat This Sh** Up

Way Fun

Works For Me

Wicked Grin

Who Gives A Flying F***

What Get's Measured Get's Done

What Have You Done To Me?

Well, I'll Be A Monkey's Uncle

Wouldn't It Be Nice If

What's In It For Me

What's In It For You

Well It Is What It Is

Workplace Internet Leisure Browsing

Will Comply

Woe Is Me

Work In Process


Winning Is So Pleasureable

Wordsmith In Training

What In The F*** Is This Sh**

What In The World

Wrap It Up

it means week

way cool

it means weekend

Will Keep You Posted

Would Like to Meet In Real Life

Wicked, Love You

Wicked, Love You Too

What Makes You Beautiful

Where Many Have Gone Before

Wash My Mouth Out With Soap

Wet My Pants Laughing

it means windy

Where No One Has Gone Before

Work Of Art

Wise Old Guy

Word Of Mouth -or- Word Of Mouse

Waste Of Money, Brains And Time

Working Mother with a Big Job

Watch On My Wrist

Well Off Older Folks

We Own the Other Team

With Out Papers

it means cool, a.k.a. word up

Waste Of Time or- it means what

Waste Of Time And Money

Word Of The Day

Well Played

it means warm

With Regard To -or- With Respect To

where are you?

What Are You Doing?

What Are You Doing At The Moment?

What Say You?

Without Thinking -or- What The -or- Who The

Wanna Take A Shower?

Want To Buy -or- What To Buy

What's The Difference Between

What The F***

What The F*** Did You Just Say?

Way To F***ing Go, Dumb Ass

What The F***ing Hell

Why The F*** Would You Call Me?

Who The F*** You Talking To

Way To Go

Want To Go For A Drink

Want To Go Private?

What The Heck

What The Hell Is Next

White Trash Headline Of the Week

What The Mother C***

Way Too Much Information

What Then Now? -or- Who Then Now?

Want To Sell

Where The Sun Don't Shine

When The Sh** Hits The Fan

Without Thinking Too Much

Want To Trade Pictures?

What to Watch Tonight

What's Up

What's Up Baby Boy

What's Up Baby Girl

What You Doing?

Where You From

Wonderful Useless Turd

Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here In My Arms


What's for dinner?

what's up?

What Would Be Accurate

What Went Down

Where We Go 1 We Go All

What Would Jesus Do?

Walker Wheels Need Oil

What Would Satan Do?

World Wide Trending Topic -or- World Wide Twitter Trend

World Wide Web -or- World Wide Wait -or- What Went Wrong

Where Were You?


Will You Call Me?

What You Doing?

Would You F*** Me?

What You Get Is What You Pay For

What do You Mean?


What's Your Problem?

What's Your Real Name?

Whatever You Say

What You See Is A Load of Bullocks

What You See Is What You Get

What You See Looks Pretty Good

Whatever You Think

Wish You The Best

Wish You Well

Wish You Were Here

it means times


it means: exasperated

Ha Ha



Cross Country

Extra Large


Excuse Me

Hugs and Kisses

Hugs and Kisses and Sweet Dreams



Kiss, Kiss, Hug, Hug

Why? -or- Yes

Yet Another -or- You -or- Your

Yet Another Ya-Ya (as in yo-yo)

Yet Another Bloody Acronym

Yet Another Calendar Company

Young Angry Female

You Asked For It You Got It

You Always Have Other Options

You Ain't Just Whistling Dixie

Yet Another Off Topic Message

You're A Right Bleed'n Wanker You Are

You Are Too F***ing Much

You're A Total Idiot

Yet Another Unix Nerd

You B*tch

You've Been F***ed

You'll Be Sorry

Yeah Baby Yeah

You Bet Your Sweet Ass

You Can't Make This Sh** Up

You Crack Me Up

Your Comment To

You Don't Know Me

Young Experimenting Perfection Seekers


You Gotta Be Kidding

You Gotta Be Sh**ing Me

You're Gonna Love This

You've Got Mail

You've Got To Be Kidding

You Get The Idea

You Get What You Pay For

You Have Mail

Yours In Christ

Yes In My Back Yard

Are You All Right?

Yes, I Understand

Yes, I Will Go Private

You Know What?

You Know What I Mean

Your Loving Husband

You Lie Like Obama

Your Loving Wife

Your Mother

You May Already Know

You Might Also Like

You Must Be Kidding Me

You Make My Day -or- You Made My Day

Your Mileage May Vary

You Made Your Bed Now You Can Sleep In It

You're Not Gonna Believe This

You Name It

You Never Know

Your Only Cute Online

You're Only Famous Online

You Only Live Once

someone from U.P.

You're On Your Own

Yeah Right -or- you -or- your

Your Rights Online

You're Running on Your Own Cuckoo Clock

You Stinker

You're Such A Nerd

why should i wait?

Why Should I Care?

You Should Know

You're So Very Welcome

Yeah, Sure You Do

You're The Best

Yeah That's Right, Now What?

You're Too Slow -or- Twitter Search

You Talk Too Much

You Telling The Truth?

You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth

Young Upwardly Mobile Professional Idiot

Young Urban Professionals

You're Very Welcome

You're Welcome

You're Welcome In Advance

Too Wise For You

Yeah Yeah Sure Sure Whatever

it means said

To gang up on someone

Oh My God

Sleeping, Bored, Tired

Heavy Metal Music

High Five

Read Up Please

Up Yours

Acronyms, Abbreviations, Shorthand, Leetspeak

Acronyms have always been an integral part of computer culture, and they have since spawned a new language on the Internet. Commonly thought of as a series of letters that make up a 'word' there is a distinction between acronyms and shorthand.

Online enthusiasts are learning that shorthand are in fact called acronyms, but this is incorrect. The difference between acronyms and shorthand is that with acronyms, you pronounce the letters as a new word (for example, 'FUBAR' is pronounced 'foo-bar' and 'RADAR' is pronounced 'ray-dar'). In contrast, shorthand pronunciations are like an initialism (a set of initials) in which you say the letters one-by-one (for example, 'ESP' is an initialism for 'extra sensory perception' whereas 'esp. is an abbreviation for especially). The online practice is to refer to shorthand, initialisms, or abbreviations as acronyms.

The majority of the expressions you see above are not acronyms, but rather shorthand used while text messaging or IMing. There are several terms to describe different kinds of jargon including anacronym, backronym, weather acronyms, city acronyms, leetspeak and textonyms. BTW: If you ever see someone TYPING AN ENTIRE SENTENCE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS that means SHOUTING! It is not proper netiquette to TYPE IN ALL CAPS (even in email), in fact, it's annoying. People with limited eyesight may use all caps to see the words better, but otherwise, TURN THE CAPS LOCK OFF, unless you're using an acronym or shorthand.

Got a favorite one you don't see here? Suggest an acronym or shorthand!


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