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Roxbury Opens College Prep Programs to our Greater Community

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The Roxbury Community School extends College Prep Programs to the entire region to support all local students regardless of where you live.

Upcoming College Prep Programs

Our college prep programs are open to all Roxbury and non-Roxbury residents!

  • Catalyst ACT/SAT Prep – Roxbury High School students register now for upcoming spring SAT and ACT bootcamps with Catalyst for $195 per student or looking for something more in depth, then check out their winter Combo SAT/ACT Course Sequence for $699 per student. The upcoming sessions are now accepting registrations, so don’t miss out! Visit www.roxbury.org/Catalyst for upcoming dates!
  • CATES SAT Foundation – Roxbury High School students register now for the upcoming fall CATES SAT Foundation course for $700 per student. The Foundation class reviews test structure and introductory CATES Core skills, then dives into the details that turns good scores into great ones! Students will develop increasing mastery over questions, content, test-specific strategies, and the "soft" skills, such as confidence, endurance, and thought organization, needed to achieve top scores. Classes of 12 students or fewer are guided by a CATES tutor who provides individualized feedback to each student to address specific needs and strategy. Students receive more than 27 hours of preparation, including 8 two-hour classes and 3 full-length mock tests. For full details and to register, visit www.roxbury.org/CATES.
  • College Essay Writing Lessons 1-on-1 with Mrs. Rispoli – Is your sophomore, junior, or senior looking for one-on-one instruction to sharpen their writing skills and prepare for the college essay process? Well, here’s your chance! Register now to meet for one-hour sessions with Roxbury High School English faculty member, Mrs. Maria Rispoli. Lessons are by appointment only and determined between the family and instructor. Lessons are $70 per hour. Sign up now at www.roxbury.org/CollegeEssay.
  • Kaplan SAT Prep – Roxbury High School students register now for the SAT and ACT prep classes with Kaplan SAT Prep for $699 per student. The upcoming sessions are now accepting registrations, so don’t miss out! Visit www.roxbury.org/Kaplan for upcoming dates!
  • Lentz & Lentz SAT Prep Classes – Roxbury High School students register now for the PSAT/SAT Prep classes with Lentz & Lentz SAT Prep for $440 per student. The fall and spring sessions are now accepting registrations. For full program details, visit www.roxbury.org/Lentz.
  • My 3 Sons Family Tutor for SAT/ACT -- Roxbury Community School is offering a comprehensive and combined SAT and ACT tutoring program throughout 2018/2019 that addresses BOTH the SAT and the ACT entrance exams, at a cost lower than most single preparation courses. My 3 Sons Family Tutoring has helped MANY students in Roxbury and in other towns to optimize their scores on both tests, gain entry into top-level universities and, in many cases, earn scholarship funding. This My 3 Sons course will help seniors prepare for as many as six admissions tests before college applications are due. It can help juniors get a major leg up on the college application process, and help sophomores start preparations for junior year PSATs, SATs, and ACTs. Register now at www.roxbury.org/My3Sons.

All college prep programs can be found at www.roxbury.org/CollegePrep.

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