Expert Advise on Four Backyard Improvements That Bring Value to Your Yard

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With summer in full swing, most families are spending more time outdoors. From outdoor dinners, to daytime entertaining, being outside with the whole family is what the warmer months are about. 

According to Kris Holland the founder of Black River Landscape Management, an elite outdoor living service, more people are choosing to invest into their homes, specifically their backyards. But not all improvements are worth the money. Below are Kris’ top four investments that not only add functionality to your home but will also enhance its value.

 1.       Outdoor Kitchen. Outdoor kitchens will expand your living space, while saving you money on your electricity bill since your AC will not be forced to work overtime. You also don’t need much.  The main items are: prep surface, grill (built-in or portable), sink, refrigerator (yes, you need one, especially if you’re using dairy). There are also other amazing add-ons like a pizza oven, smoker, ceiling fan, etc.

 2.       Fire Pit. Like an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit will extend your living space, and can be used during the cooler months (fall and spring). Fire Pits also add an element of luxury living, which instantly increase the value of your home.

 3.       Trees. Since you can’t typically plant a very mature tree, this is one element that will appreciate over time. The best size to buy and install is typically around 8’ tall. Trees are also an inexpensive element (can range around $100). Trees are the ultimate trifecta, they provide privacy, shade, and ambiance.

 4.       Patio. When designing a patio, be sure that your proportions are thoughtful. Patios also hold their value, at least 82% ROI. If your backyard naturally slops, or if your home faces an uneven rocky backyard, a patio will provide that outdoor living space that every home owner is looking for.

 Please let me know if you’re interested in setting up an interview to with Kris to learn more about best outdoor projects that bring home equity. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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