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Dickson & Schlaffer Promise to Take Advantage of Federal Grants

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Newton Town Council candidates Matt Dickson and Jason Schlaffer came out in support of obtaining federal grant money for the town in order to offset Newton’s increasingly high tax rate.

They promised to reverse the four year long dry spell in which the town has failed to obtain nearly any federal money at all. “With the notable exception of the Police Department, The Newton Town Council has failed to secure a single federal grant since the incumbents took office in 2014(1), despite the fact that Congressman Gottheimer has set up an office in downtown Newton and made helping towns secure Federal money a top priority(2).

If the Belvidere Town Council can get over $1,000,000 in federal grants for their taxpayers(3), why can’t we?” said Schlaffer, a local small business owner and father of two. “If Newton, Alabama received a $787,001(4) grant for its water and sewer systems last year, why did Newton, New Jersey get zero? Our town deserves leadership that will work with our federal representatives to aggressively pursue this money that is already on the table.” said Dickson, a paramedic and father of two.

The two candidates emphasized the need for town council members to step up and be strong, aggressive advocates for the taxpayers of Newton and pointed out several federal grants they will pursue as town councilmen, including the Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program, which other towns in Sussex County have recently taken advantage of.

Seven candidates, including three incumbents, are running for three seats on the nonpartisan Town Council. The election will be held on Tuesday, May 8th.

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