Local Author Returns: Hopatcong Vision Quest – A must read for all Residents

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Local Author returns for Books Signing at Sparta Books on July 29, 2017 from 2:00 - 3:30 PM


This book focuses on two drownings that occur in Lake Hopatcong within days of each other, with similar circumstances. The main fictional characters travel back in time to memories of a past life they shared, as they attempt to solve the murders.

The Hopatcong Lake Regional News team had the pleasure to meet Steve Lindahl at a local book signing. Based upon his strong ties to this area and the book’s unusual plot, we knew this required more investigation.

Steve Lindahl's Strong Ties to the Lake Hopatcong Community:

Steve was raised in Northern New Jersey and still spends almost every summer vacationing on Raccoon Island, where his family still resides. They still own the property that his grandfather purchased in 1928 as a vacation spot. “I sit on the dock every summer, and part of the charm of Lake Hopatcong is that the lake community hasn’t changed that much over time,” Steve stated.  “During my vacations on the Island I met my wife who vacationed on the other end of the island, and over a period of time, we dated and later married.”

Using his background to write “Hopatcong Vision Quest”:

“This is the third ‘Past life Mystery’ book I have written, with Motherless Soul and White Horse Regressions being the first two. I was able to leverage my knowledge and love of the Lake Hopatcong area into the third and final book of this series. Each book stands on its own; you don’t need to have read the other two books first to enjoy Hopatcong Vision Quest. The idea behind the book is a concept called ‘circularity,’ which means major events repeat in past lives. The people in the story can go back in time and see a similar event to help them solve the crime.”

Hopatcong Vision Quest – Book Overview:

Two drownings occur in Lake Hopatcong within days of each other. Diane is certain the deaths of her mother and Ryan's wife were not accidents, despite the results of the official investigation. What she doesn't suspect is that the trail to the justice she seeks runs through a past life she and her friends shared hundreds of years earlier. With the help of a hypnotist, Diane, Ryan, and Martha look into their hidden memories. They learn that they lived in a Native American village on the shores of the waters that later became the lake they love.

Oota Dabun, Diane's counterpart in her past life, always dreamed of having a vision quest, a rite normally reserved for the young men of her village. This Lenape woman reaches for her dream in an unusual and compassionate fashion which teaches Diane a great deal about the capacity of the soul they share. Diane discovers relationships as well as repeating events, both of which provide clues that might lead to the justice she's after. Along the way she learns about life, love and the strength of the human soul.

Where to get the book:

Sparta Books

29 Theatre Center

Sparta, NJ 07871

(973) 729-6200

Book Signing: July 29, 2017 from 2:00 - 3:30 PM


About the Author:

Steve LindhalSteve Lindahl's first two novels, Motherless Soul and White Horse Regressions, were published in 2009 and 2014 by All Things That Matter Press. His short fiction has appeared in Space and Time, The Alaska Quarterly, The Wisconsin Review, Eclipse, Ellipsis, and Red Wheelbarrow. He served for five years as an associate editor on the staff of The Crescent Review, a literary magazine he co-founded. He is currently the managing/fiction editor for Flying South, a literary magazine sponsored by Winston-Salem Writers and is also a board member of that organization.

His Theater Arts background has helped nurture a love for intricate characters in complex situations that is evident in his writing. Steve and his wife Toni live and work together outside of Greensboro, North Carolina. They have two adult children: Nicole and Erik. Hopatcong Vision Quest is Steve Lindahl's third novel, his first with Solstice Publishing.

If you have an event happening in the area, and want to reach out to Steve to check availability for a book signing, you can reach him at stevelindahlwriter@gmail.com

Web Site: www.SteveLindahl.com

Blog: www.SteveLindahl.blogspot.com

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