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Battle of the Bars – Residents love their Bars - But the reason(s) will surprise you!

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Local Hopatcong Lake residents love their Bars, but drinking is almost the last reason based upon the comments. Read on to gain a better understanding of what drives the Voting behind the Battle of the Bars 2017.


This second community event driven my Hopatcong Lake Regional News this year was again designed to raise money for Local Charity, and to help publicize and enhance our local businesses. The contest ran from May 1 – 31 as we sought to support the Dylan Flinchum "Rock On!" Foundation and crown the winner as the Best Bar in our Region 2017.

What Drove the Voting:

Based upon the comments that were added to each vote:

Here are the top ten reasons people selected their favorite bar to win the 2017 voting:

Primary Reason for your Selection:

Number of Votes:

  1. Quality of the Food


  1. Friendless of the Staff


  1. Atmosphere


  1. Feel at Home, Friends, Cheers Like


  1. Music / Entertainment


  1. Fairly Priced (Food or Drinks)


  1. The Bartenders (or a named person)


  1. View Lakefront / Outdoor


  1. The Drinks (Price or other)


  1. Location (Closeness / Boat Dock)


So, while some of us would assume it’s all about the drinking, that item rated (9th) almost last in the answers.

Watch for our recap of the Bars on Thursday, and the Announcement of the Winner this weekend

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