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Roxbury Summer Concert: Chris Westfall

Roxbury Summer Concert: Chris Westfall

“Here is the voice you will remember… join this passionate troubadour as he takes you on a unique journey. Experience his
ability to connect with people through song in a way that is deep and enduring… transforming a simple tune into a celebration… touching all who are fortunate enough to be a part of Christopher Westfall’s musical tapestry.

In concert, Chris’ style finds a balance of ‘acoustic folk’. The clear tenor voice moves gently from familiar folk tunes to original interpretations of artists such as James Taylor and John Denver, and then to his own heartfelt compositions. What a wonderful message he shares with us in his introspective “I’m Coming Home” and his lyrical celebration of the holiday season with “Know It’s Christmas”. Hearing Chris in a live performance for the first time, people find themselves touched by his compassion. He encourages the audience to sing along…and by doing so, strangers become friends, brought together by the spirit of the music. With every song, Chris possesses the magical ability to hold the audience in his gentle grasp…making each listener feel he sings only for them, which, in truth, he does.”

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Event Date 07-22-2016 7:00 pm
Individual Price Free
Location Horseshoe Lake

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