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The Hopatcong Municipal Alliance Team Brings the Truth About Vaping

The Hopatcong Municipal Alliance Team Brings the Truth About Vaping

The Hopatcong Municipal Alliance is helping to drive an important awareness program that is part of their mission on combating drug and alcohol abuse in our schools and communities.



They are focusing on the emerging new health problems from the popularity of vaping which is luring in our adolescent population.

Just as the older generation had to be educated about the dangers of smoking cigarettes, we are now in a place and time where our young people are faced with the challenges of VAPING.

A new generation of nicotine addiction is happening due to using vaping devices.

To help combat this new epidemic the Hopatcong Municipal Alliance educational program team has contracted the firm Clinicians for the Cause who will be providing Hopatcong students with a questionnaire about vaping in a morning school presentation on May 22nd.

The second part of this program event is to invite parents and concerned community members to a free evening presentation – The Truth About Vaping. They will get to hear the results of “what your children know” and find out what we need to know from the same speakers who conducted the school’s Knowledge is Power presentation to the students. 

This open to the public event on May 22nd at Hopatcong High School at 7:00 p.m., is an opportunity to listen to expert speakers on this topic.  Donna O’Connor and Lee Ann O’Leary have conducted multiple interactive Knowledge is Power presentations to our community school network. 

Donna and Lee Ann are Master Level Clinical Psychotherapists in the field of Addiction and Mental Health with over 15 years of experience.  Through their professional facilitation, they enable schools and communities to expand their knowledge of the dangers of vaping and other substance use in adolescents. As well as, helping to improve our communication with our children.

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Event Date 05-22-2018 7:00 pm
Individual Price Free
Location Hopatcong High School

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